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My Card Intel/Xfinity Mobile Card Activation


My Card Intel Xfinity Mobile




  • If you’re new you can register the card in just a few clicks
  • Existing cardholders can login to gain access to account information
  • Account recovery options are available if you’re experiencing issues
  • Activate your card at www.mycardintel.com/xfinitymobile

Ready to find out what’s going on with your Xfinity Mobile card? We thought so. Fortunately you’re in the right place! Or maybe you need to register an account for the first time?  Either way, we’ve got it covered.

In order to check your account, enter your username and password. Next, click the login tab and BOOM – you’re in.  Meanwhile, new users can click the link below the login to go ahead and register a new account. Easy enough!


Registration and Activation at www.mycardintel.com/xfinitymobile


New to the game? Well get off the bench and register you’re account! Here’s how:

See all those numbers on your card? Yep, go ahead and enter them into the form.

Next, please proceed through the authentication process (pesky but NECESSARY).

Finally, you’ll need to create user info in order to finish your account registration.




Activating Your Card at www.mycardintel.com/xfinitymobile


In addition to registration you can also activate your card. The steps are very similar to registering an account so this will be a breeze.

Just be on the look out for step 3 as it’s not required if you were given a PIN by the card issuer – no sense in doing any extra leg-work!

Now let’s face it, everyone loses a password every once in a while (happens to the best of us)! Luckily My Card Intel/Xfinity mobile provides recovery options.

In order to begin enter your username and the email address you registered your with. Meanwhile, you can also recover a lost or forgotten password by entering your email address AND username.


My Card Intel – Xfinity Mobile Prepaid Card FAQS


  1. How do I check the status of my prepaid card?
  2. When will my Xfinity prepaid card be shipped?
  3. Does the card ever expire?
  4. What information do I need to check the card status?


The answer to the first question is very simple. All you’ll need to do to find out what’s going on with your prepaid card is use the Xfinity Incentive Tracker! Just use this easy online tool to verify when you’ll receive your juicy incentives.

If you’re wondering when the card will be shipped the first thing you’ll want to do is take a peak at your email. Xfinity will send you an email notification to let you know once the card is on the way.

Unfortunately, your card DOES expire. The good news is you’ll have a whopping 180 days to use it! Do the math, that’s half a year to bask in your incentives. Just don’t sleep on it because if you snooze you lose!

In order to check the status of your card you’ll need to enter your phone number along with your zip code. Alternatively, you can also verify status by using your cable account number. Please note that you’ll need to enter the cable account number exactly as it appears on your bill.



Xfinity Fun Facts

  • Xfinity is a subsidiary of Comcast, a major player in the communications biz. Same with other media big dogs such as NBC, Sky limited, and NBC Universal.
  • Got Xfinity internet? Xfinity Mobile plans are available to existing internet customers so check out what options are available!

If you’re having problems with your account be sure to pick up the phone and call somebody at 888-936-4968 ! You can also manage your cookie preferences by clicking the link at the bottom of www.mycardintel.com/xfinitymobile. While this may not be at the top of everyone’s priority list, it never hurts to see how those cookies are used!



Walgreens SYF – Activate Your Walgreen’s Credit Card


Walgreens SYF/Activate Your Card




  • You’ll need the credit card number to begin the activation process
  • The card’s 3 digit code is also required to register your card
  • Online customer feedback is also available
  • Start by filling out the form at the top of walgreens.syf.com/activate

So you’re the owner of a new Walgreens credit card. First of all, congrats! You’re about to find yourself swimming in savings. And who doesn’t appreciate that?

While the My Walgreens card certainly has plenty of perks, you won’t be able to enjoy them without activating it. Fortunately, it’s a very simple process. Let’s find out just how easy!


Registering Your Card at walgreens.syf.com/activate


In order to begin activation simply type in your credit card number into the first field. Once you’ve punched the card number in follow up by entering the 3 digit code along with the last 4 of your SSN.

By the way, the 3 digit code is shown on the BACK of your My Walgreens card. So don’t spend hours staring at the front of the card looking for a code that simply isn’t there!

After you’ve enter all of the required information click the Activate My Card tab to get your card ready to use.


Process For Leaving Feedback at walgreens.syf.com/activate


  1. First, click the Feedback tab at to pull up the form
  2. Next, choose a level of satisfaction from the options shown
  3. Once you confirm your choice you’ll need to explain why you feel that way
  4. Finish all the steps required to submit your review

By the way, your allowed plenty of space to elaborate so don’t leave anything out! Afterall, you want Walgreen’s to know EXACTLY how you felt about activating your card.

Note: Do not enter any personal information when providing feedback at walgreens.syf.com/activate. It’s not required and you may not receive a response so no is it needed.






My Walgreens Card by SYF – Review of Benefits & Perks


  • You’ll receive your reward INSTANTLY when checking out
  • There are specific sales and discounts that are only for cardholders
  • Reach your health goals to earn bonuses on your My Walgreens Card


You’ll get a whopping $25 Walgreen’s Cash reward when you activate your card and make a purchase within the first 45 days. A tremendous one time offer for new cardholders!

Earn 10% cash rewards when you make Walgreen’s branded purchases using your My Walgreen Credit Card. Unlike some retail cards, you can earn double digit margins here making it one of the best perks we’ve seen in a while.

Additionally, you can earn 5% Walgreen’s Cash rewards on all other brands. While it’s no 10%, just think about how those rewards will add up. Great for shoppers who buy brand name products.


My Walgreen’s Credit Card Customer Service


Issues with activating your credit card? Call 855-945-3593 to speak with a customer service rep.

In addition to the customer support phone number, you can also browse the Walgreen’s Credit Card FAQ for answers to common issues. Hey, sometimes it’s much easier to find the information yourself. Not to mention more rewarding!


Feet Back Survey – Enter For a Chance To Win £300


Feet Back Survey – Deichmann Customer Feedback


www.feetback.co.uk survey


  • Upon completion of the survey you’ll be entered for a chance to win £300
  • You’ll need a few tidbits of information from your purchase receipt
  • Review the sample receipt for direction on how to get started
  • Begin by clicking the button at www.feetback.co.uk

It’s not every day you get a chance to haul in £300. Well consider today your lucky day! If you’ve recently made a purchase at Deichmanns you can complete a brief online survey about how the visit went.

In exchange for the feedback, you’ll be entered into a Prize Draw for a chance to win £300. Talk about showing some love for the customer!

At any rate, the survey is no sweat. All you’ll need is your receipt to get the ball rolling. Here’s how.


Survey Guide & Tips at www.feetback.co.uk


First things first, enter your 4 digit shown number as shown on the receipt.

Now go ahead and pop in the date and time of the purchase.

Once you enter the required information enter the transaction number you can take the Feet Back survey for a chance to win £300.

By the way, you can also review the Feet Back survey’s terms and privacy by clicking the link at the bottom of www.feetback.co.uk.


Pro Tip: Feeling lost? Confused? Make sure to reference the sample receipt to find out where all of the above information is located!



www.feetback.co.uk for a chance to win £300


Important Rules of the Prize Draw at www.feetback.co.uk


  1. No multiple entries allowed! You can only enter the draw once per month.
  2. Sorry Deichmann employees, this draw is off limits for you!
  3. There is only 1 £300 prize per month (hopefully you come away with it!)
  4. You must reside within the United Kingdom to enter the draw


By the way, winners will receive an email to notify them of their prize. In order to receive the £300 you must respond to the email within 12 working days. Hey, if you snooze you LOSE! And let’s face it, nobody likes to lose so be sure to check that email!

Please note that you can review the full rules at www.feetback.co.uk. They’re almost two pages long so be sure to set a few minutes aside if you want to read all of it.


Is Deichmann’s Feet Back survey worth it?


Look at it this way, how often do you get the chance to win a whopping £300? Exactly. Sure it’s not an amount that’s going to pay off your car loan. However, the prize will certainly net you a pair of high quality shoes. Possibly even two pairs!

Additionally, it’s not like the survey is going to be a time suck. You’ll be able to finish it in a few minutes and promptly get back to whatever else you were doing. Once you’ve provided your feedback all you’ll need to do is sit back, relax, and hope that £300 prize comes your way.

And guess what? If you don’t win you can always try again by taking another survey after your next visit to Deichmann’s!


Switching Gears: Deichmann Online Shopping Credit Card Payments 


Please note that you can use MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro when making online purchases.

Further, your card will not be charged until your item has been sent.

Questions for Deichmann? Here’s the contact information!

Monday Through Friday between 9:00 and 17:00 at 01858 468546

email: service-uk@deichmann.com



Express Your Feedback – Take Survey For 20% Savings


Express Your Feedback Customer Survey





  • Express customers can save 20% at their next visit by providing feedback
  • The online survey should only take a few minutes to complete
  • A sample receipt is available to help you find the required information
  • Begin the survey by clicking the tab at www.expressyourfeedback.com


It goes without saying that customers like to feel appreciated. In addition to being valued, customers also love to SAVE MONEY. That’s where the Express Your Feedback survey comes into play.

In order to get started you’ll need to locate the receipt you received from your recent visit to Express. Here’s the next steps!


Steps For Taking the Survey at www.expressyourfeedback.com


  1. Enter the three codes found on your receipt (labeled S, R, and T)
  2. Next type in the date of your visit (or use the handy little calendar!)
  3. Confirm the time of your purchase as shown on your receipt
  4. Once you enter all of the information smash the Start button to begin


While the survey just take a few minutes, it’s important that you answer all of the questions. As a sweet little reward you’ll receive a 20% off coupon that you can use at your next visit to Express.

By the way, 20% off is almost unheard of in the world of consumer surveys. Needless to say the coupon can lead to some significant savings. Even more so if you’re a BIG spender.


Consumer Tip: Make sure you provide honest feedback when taking the Express Your Feedback Survey. This goes a long way to help Express provide for an improved experience at your next visit!






Survey Details at www.expressyourfeedback.com


Would you rather provide feedback in Spanish? Just go ahead and click the link at the bottom of the survey to switch languages.

Looking for the accessibility friendly version? There’s a link at the top of the survey that you can click to proceed.

Additionally, you can pull up the survey’s privacy policy and terms at the bottom off www.expressyourfeedback.com.


Why express your feedback?


For starters, this is something that you can take care of in a matter of minutes. Sure, if the survey took half of your day to complete the juice WOULD NOT be worth the squeeze. But that’s not the case.

Two minutes of your time could save you HUNDREDS of dollars at your next visit to Express. And who doesn’t like buying stylish clothing at a deep discount?

In addition to the saving, you’ll need to consider the “feel good” aspect. Not only are you helping out a store you like to shop at, but you’re also helping out other shoppers. Think about it. When Express makes improvements based on your feedback it’s a win for EVERYONE!


Express Credit Card Details & Review


Looking to save even more? In addition to the Express Your Feedback survey you can haul in even more savings by using the Express Credit Card. Here are some of the perks!

  • Get up to 10% in Express Cash on every purchase
  • Customers who reach influencer or A-list status get a FREE birthday gift!
  • Earn points faster by shopping more frequently at Express

While the card certainly isn’t for everyone, we highly recommend it for consumers who frequently visit Express. Why you ask? The more you shop the more you SAVE.

Just think about it. Wouldn’t you love saving 10% each and every time you scored some new clothes? Seems like a true no-brainer!

Meanwhile, the thrill of moving up in cardholder status is a reward in and of itself. Not to mention the additional savings you’ll receive as you do. And who doesn’t like receiving gifts on their birthday? Again, the card is a HIGH recommend for folks who frequent Express.


Express Contact Information


Customer Service – If you have general questions for Express you can contact the store’s customer service line between the hours of 7 AM and 12 AM ET at 888-397-1980.

Credit Card Customers – For questions about your Express Credit Card dial 800-201-4955. Please note that customer service is available by phone only between 8 AM and 9 PM ET Monday through Saturday. The good news is, you can get answers from the automated line 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Talk about service with a smile.

In addition to making a phone call, you can also reach Express customer service by mail at 1 Express Drive, Columbus, OH 43230. Likewise Express Credit Card customers can write to PO Box 182273, Columbus, OH 43218-2273.


My Health Plan – Finance Response (Claim Uncashed Check)


My Health Plan-Finance Response




  • You’ll need to fill out a brief online form to claim your funds
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available for review
  • The system requires an electronic signature
  • You can submit multiple check claims at once
  • Start at www.myhealthplan-financeresponse.com


Money that is rightfully YOURS and somehow isn’t in your bank account is a dreadful thought. A dreadful thought indeed.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to put those funds back where they belong. In your pocket! And no it’s not driving down to the local state treasury. There’s an easier, more cost efficient, and less nerve racking way. Additionally, you can do it all from the convenience of your home. YES PLEASE.

Anyways, here’s a slick step by step guide on how you can reclaim your money. Trust us, your money misses you. Don’t let it go another day wondering how long it will take to get back in the comforts of your cozy bank account!



Claiming Your Funds at www.myhealthplan-financeresponse.com


  1. Enter the payee name and your relationship to the payee
  2. Once you’ve entered the payee type in the check number, account number, and amount
  3. Fill out the contact information section (mailing address 2 is optional)
  4. Check the certification box and add your electronic signature as well as the date

And just like that, you’re one step closer to that glorious reunion with your parted cash! That wasn’t so bad was it? Seems like the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

By the way, you can claim up to 8 checks at once when filing the form. In order to do so, simply click the plus icon below the check entry fields. This is an amazing feat

Please note that you’ll need to enter at least one check claim before you can add additional entries. Once you add a claim, simply hit the plus icon to go ahead and add another. Might as well knock them all out at once if possible!





Credit Card Depo Recommends: Save the mailing notice for your records in the event that the funds don’t show up in a timely manner!!



FAQ Highlights at www.myhealthplan-financeresponse.com


Make sure you send your My Health Plan-Finance Response before the deadline listed on the mailing! If you fail to do so your hard earned cash will get sent to the state treasurer.  No bueno.

While this is rare, your name may appear different on the form in the event you’ve had a recent name change. In this case be sure to fill out the form and send it via mail rather than online. It may not be an ideal situation but those extra funds far outweigh the cost of postage and a little hard work!

In addition, people that have changed their name and folks with power of attorney will also need to send the form via mail. This also applies if you’re completing the form on someone’s behalf. Hey, we all know snail mail can be a hassle. But isn’t it worth it for that juicy refund?? We thought so!



My Health Plan-Finance Response Final Thoughts & Review


This a a super convenient way for consumers to be reunited with their long lost moolah. And who doesn’t like that?? Just think about it. If it’s YOUR money, shouldn’t it be in YOUR wallet? We think so.

In addition to the easy online submission, the fact that you can claim up to 8 checks all at once makes this a no-brainer. However, even if you had to submit each claim separately, it’d still be worth it it. Afterall, it’s extra dough in the bank! Either way, it’s hard to find a good reason not to take advantage of this online cash-generating tool.

By the way, you can view the FAQs in their entirety at www.myhealthplan-financeresponse.com.