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Get Your Capital One Access Code & Redeem Offer


Capital One Access Code

Need help locating your Capital One access code?


  • You’ll need to search the mail offer you received in order to find the code
  • These numbers will ALWAYS be on the letter that contains your mail offer
  • Save time and go directly to the bottom of your letter (usually where it is)
  • It should be right underneath the Reservation Number


Once you have the Capital One Access Code AND Reservation Number you can get started with redeeming your offer.  So without further ado, let’s find out how!  Don’t worry it’s EASY.


Enter the Capital One Access Code at GetMyOffer.CapitalOne.com


Capital One Access Code Sample


Okay, so by now you should have your code (if not go back to the top of this page!).

Take the Access Code and enter into the appropriate field.

Next, enter your Reservation Number before clicking the View Next Step button to proceed with your offer.

Remember, the Capital One Access Code is only 6 digits in length (the Reservation Number is MUCH longer so don’t get them switched around).

Once you’ve entered all of the required information will receive the EXCLUSIVE offer from Capital One.  After that, it’s up to you whether or not you wanna take them up on it!  So sit back and think about before jumping to any hasty decisions (maybe save yourself a headache and consult your significant other first as well!).



Pssst.  If Capital One doesn’t work out try the Discover No Harm Pre-Qualification!


But what if I didn’t receive a Capital One Access Code??


  • Don’t worry, you can still see if you’re pre-qualified in less than a minute!
  • Click the link at the bottom right-hand side of the access code entry page
  • Next, fill out the easy online form and click See Your Card Offers


By the way, the form only contains information you should know off the top of your head so no need to go rummaging around through random files and closets to get your offer.

But does the form really take less than a minutes??  It should.  But for the slower typers out there it may take a little longer.

Problems with your Capital One Access Code?  Then pick up the phone and call the application line at 800-695-5500.



Here’s a new Capital One Card to consider if you like shopping at Walmart.  Introducing the Walmart Capital One Card!





www.yourtotalrewards.com/utc – Enter UTC Benefits Your Gateway



How to Manage Your Total Rewards UTC

  • Must have a User ID and password to enter the portal
  • New users must create an account to gain access
  • The UTC Benefits Center is available to assist


A strong benefits plan is a major perk of any occupation.  Therefore, it only makes sense that the company offering the program has an equally strong benefits portal.  As a matter of fact, it appears United Technologies passes this test with flying colors.  For instance, users who require access to a benefits account can log in simply by entering a User ID and password.  In addition to the lightning-fast login, the portal also provides easy new user registration.  To illustrate just how easy, only a date of birth and the last 4 digits of a SSN must be entered to begin creating a new account.


Career Opportunities at UTC

  • Students & Recent Grads –  UTC offers a variety of programs and internships
  • Experienced Professionals – Professionals can put past experiences to good use
  • Professionals Rejoining the Workforce – The Re-Empower program lights the way
  • Military – Those with military experience can put their skills to the test at UTC


By the way, users who have forgotten their Your Total Rewards UTC account credentials can click the Forgot your User ID or Password? link to reset the account.  Next, the user must enter a date of birth and last 4 digits of their SSN before clicking the Continue button to proceed with the reset.  Additionally, the provides valuable information under the Help? link located below the login fields (similar to the Your Benefits Resources Chubb portal).

In addition to on the spot help, the portal also allows users to provide feedback by clicking the aptly named Feedback link posted at the bottom right-hand side of the page.  In the same way, the portal also provides Benefits Center contact information under the Contact Us link.


United Technologies Corporation Retirement Plan (now Raytheon)


The company’s 401k plan has a wide array of investment opportunities to explore.  And guess what?  Once an employee begins contributing, Raytheon matches a portion of the contribution!

Coming from another company?  No sweat.  Raytheon provides roll-over contributions from other qualified retirement plans.

Finally, employees who want advice from a pro should be glad to learn that Raytheon offers professional account management options.

Oh, and one more thing!  In addition to a sound retirement plan, Raytheon also offers its employees some great medical benefits that cover both non-routine and preventive care (and we all know how important both these are).

Offers a competitive benefits package to not only its employees but also their eligible family members!

Worried about the eyes and teeth?  Don’t be!  Raytheon employees may receive both dental and vision benefits in addition to medical.

Questions about retirement or health benefits?  That’s what the UTC Benefits Center is there for!  So grab the phone and start dialing!


Your Total Rewards UTC Benefits Center

  • 800-243-8135 (open from 8 AM to 8 PM ET Monday through Friday)



Additional Employee Information Content 

www.hsbc.co.uk/retrieveapplication – Resume Banking Application


Resuming an HSBC Business Application at www.hsbc.co.uk/retrieveapplication

  • An application reference number is needed
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided
  • HSCB contact information is available

Anyone who has ever filled out a banking application likely knows the process can take some time.

Discover No Harm Pre-Qualification – Get Started Today

Get pre-qualified with mo harm to your credit!

An Easy Guide Discover No Harm Pre-Qualification Process

  • Fill out a 1 page online form with basic financial information
  • DOUBLE CHECK to make sure the information you provide is accurate
  • There’s a box at the end of the form where you can sign up for communications
  • Once you’re done, submit the form for a “no hard to your credit” pre-qualification
  • The online form is located at www.discover.com/noharm

In addition to not harming your credit, you can pre-qualify with confidence knowing the form is secure.  In order to check out the security specs, privacy policy, or terms, simply click the links located at the bottom left hand side of the form.  Additionally, you can use the messaging app if you have questions about the process.


A Look at Discover

The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol DFS.

Worried about who’s gonna take your card?  Don’t worry, Discover is accepted at around 44 MILLION locations.

As of 2018 Discover held $90.5 BILLION in direct banking loans (that’s a lot of credit!).

The first Discover card purchase was made in Atlanta, GA in 1985 for $26.77.

By 1989, Discover signed up its One Millionth merchant (let’s hear a round of applause!).

In 1997 Morgan Stanley entered the picture in a massive merger of financial behemoths.

In 2011 Discover jumps into the college football bowl game sponsorship word by sponsoring the Orange Bowl (maybe because Discover’s trademark color is orange?).


Back to the Discover No Harm pre-qualification process.  If you think you may be short on income, you can add a second person’s income to the equation.  However, you must be at least 21 years old to this this.  Additionally, the person’s income must be available to you.

Finally, you can provide feedback on the Discover No Harm pre-qualification process.  In order to do so, just click the feedback button located at the side of the page.


Need to make a payment to Discover?  Here’s the address.

Discover Payments Address
  • P.O. Box 6103
  • Carol Stream, IL 60197-6103

More Credit Card Fun



Chase Increase My Line Personal Code – Enter to Begin

www.chase.com/increasemyline personal code
Is it time for an increase?

Chase Increase My Line (Personal Code Needed)

Want some more credit?  Well then, we’ve got news for you!

You can now request a credit increase from Chase online.

In order to begin your request, visit www.chase.com/increasemyline (personal code needed).

Next, enter your personal code in before clicking the Get Stared button to begin your request.

But what if I can’t find my Chase line increase personal code??

Here’s a hint:  It’s 10 digits in length

It’s a NUMERIC code (which means there won’t be any letter involved)

Did you receive a letter from Chase invited you to increase your line?  That’s where your personal code will be located. Did you throw the letter in the trash?  Consider rooting through the garbage until you find it because additional credit can sure come in handy (in other words, it’s worth it).

Consider These Popular Credit Cards from Chase

  • Southwest Rapid Rewards – If you fly often this card could be EXACTLY what you need!
  • Marriott Bonvoy Boundless – Another card that travelers everywhere are sure to love
  • Ink Business – This card is for business owners who love getting 1.5% CASH BACK
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred – 2% cash back when you travel or dine out

Yea, I think i’ll gonna request an increase.  But will Chase pull my credit??

Nope!  Chase makes the decision without digging around through your scores.

Additionally, there is ZERO fee associated with requesting or receiving your increase.

Questions?  Try browsing the FAQs posted to the Chase increase my line personal code entry page.

If that doesn’t help try calling Chase at 800-432-3117.

Business cardholder?  Then call 888-269-8690.

OR if you don’t like phone calls pen a letter and send it to:

  • Chase Card Member Services
  • P.O. Box 6294
  • Carol Stream, IL 60197-6294


Another Credit Card Entry