Activate S3 Card Online

  • The system allows you to both register and activate your card
  • Enter your 17 digit card number and security code
  • The cardholder’s date of birth is also required
  • See the above sample for further reference
  • Begin a step 1 at the top of

Let’s face it, a spending card doesn’t do anyone any good if they can’t use it. Thus, in most cases cardholders will need to activate the card before they can begin reaping its benefits. Fortunately for anyone with an S3 card, activation is available online in a few easy steps. Let’s find out how its done!

Activating Your Card at

  1. Enter your 17 digit card number found on the back of the card
  2. Next go ahead and punch in the 4 digit security code
  3. Type in your date of birth (must be in dd/mm/yyyy format)
  4. Tap that submit button to move on to step 2

By the way, there’s a handy little card image you can reference at if you get confused on what info they’re looking for. And let’s not forget about that S3 icon! If it’s not on the back of your card you likely ended up at the wrong activation site. If you find yourself in this situation go ahead and recheck the site listed on your card or the paperwork that came with it.


A Few More Notes On Activating at


If you’re wondering what on earth your about to be getting yourself into be sure to scope the terms & conditions as well as the privacy policy at the bottom of the activation site. Alternatively, you can just go ahead and blindly agree to it if you feel like cutting the cahse and getting that spending card active ASAP. However, we recommend that reading through the terms every time you sign up for something.

Here’s some contact info for Soultran if you have questions about your new card.


Solutran Contact Information

13305 12th Ave. North
Minneapolis, MN 55441