Omnicare Statement Management & Bill Payments

  • New customers must first register for online access
  • The portal provides convenient one time payments
  • Existing customers can login to make a payment

With all the advances of modern medicine, one can only hope that the methods of paying for it is advancing at a similar rate.  With this in mind, we turn to the Omnicare Statement Management portal.  Above all, the portal seems to place importance on easy to use features.  For instance, customers can begin registration by entering only a Payment ID, Validation Code, and date of birth.  Once all of the required information has been entered, the Continue button can be clicked to proceed.  After enrollment customers will receive a validation email to confirm registration.


Omnicare Statement Management:  A Look Under the Hood

  • Billing statements found within the portal will be available for up to 1 year (nice)
  • Paperless statements are absolutely FREE of charge (as in they cost NOTHING!)
  • The online statements are exact copies of the ones customers receive in the mail
  • Customers will receive email notification when a statement is available online
  • No rewards appear to be available (unlike the Payment Rewards Program)


In addition to easy registration, the Omnicare Statement Management portal also offers quick one time payments.  In order to complete a quick payment all that’s needed is a Validation Code and Payment ID.  Once the customer enters both pieces of information they can pay the bill (without worrying about logging in or remembering a password!).


A Few More Highlights at

  • The system allows customers to print bills or save them to a computer if needed
  • Customers can take convenience to a whole new level by enrolling in Auto Pay
  • The portal allows customers to register multiple accounts under the Settings tab

Existing customers who require account access can login after entering an email address and password.  In the event a user forgets a password they can enter an email address to begin the reset process.  Customers with questions can trying reviewing the information located under the FAQ link.



Speaking of payments…..