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www.creditnav.com – Sign Up to Receive Your Credit Score


How to Receive Your Credit Report with Credit Nav

  • Begin by filling out a brief online registration form
  • You will also receive alerts when there are change to your credit
  • Credit Nav mailing address and contact email is available

It’s always nice to know what your credit score is (or at least have a ballpark idea).  One place that might be able to help with this endeavor is Credit Nav.  In order to receive your credit score, first go to the main page.  Next, click the Get My Credit Report button to bring up the registration form (or just scroll down towards the bottom of the page).  Once you’ve completed the form, click the Get My Scores Now button to proceed.

Accessing Credit Nav After You’ve Signed Up

  • First click the Login button (located up top and off towards the right of the screen)
  • Next, simply enter your username or email address along with your account password
  • If you can’t recall your password you can enter your email address to begin a reset
  • You can click the Close Account link if you no longer want or need Credit Nav

Once you’re logged in you can view your credit report information (alerts, reports, all that good stuff).  Always on the go??  No worries!  You can use Credit Nav on your mobile devices (phone, tablet, etc.).  By the way, if you have question or comments you can contact support for assistance.  In order to do so, just click the Support or Contact Us link (it doesn’t matter which one as they’ll both take you to the exact same page).

Credit Nav Contact Information

  • 848 N. Rainbow Blvd., 5392
  • Las Vegas, NV 89107
  • support@creditnav.com

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www.card-data.com/comericaprepaid – Prepaid Card Login


How to Access Card-Data for Comerica Prepaid

  • If you’re a first time user you’ll need to set up an account
  • Once set up, you can login with a username and password
  • The system provides online login credential recovery options
  • You can also call toll-free for username or password help

It’s always nice to know EXACTLY what’s going on with your prepaid card.  Fortunately, most cards have set up online account access to assist with this need.  For instance, if you’ve been issued a prepaid Mastercard from Comerica Bank you can use the card’s online statement portal to manage your account.  In order to use the portal, you’ll first need to set up an account.  You can accomplish this by first entering your card number as your username.  Next, refer to your welcome letter for a temporary password.  Once you’ve entered the temporary password you’ll be asked to change your login credentials.

What if I forgot my username or password?

  • You’ll need to enter your email address to begin the username recovery process
  • Meanwhile, if you forgot your password enter both a username and email address
  • If these options don’t work try calling 800-759-9610 for further recovery assistance
  • Once you’ve successfully recovered your info return to the login page and proceed

By the way, you may want to add the Card-Data Comerica Prepaid portal to your trusted sites zone.  If you wish to do so, go ahead and click the link posted beneath the login fields for instructions (the link is really small so try not to overlook it!).

A Few Tidbits on Comerica Bank

  • The bank originally went by the name of Detroit Savings Fund Institute
  • Has a LONG history dating all the way back to August 17th, 1849
  • The bank returned percent of it’s 2015 net income to shareholders
  • Listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticket symbol CMA

Finally, if you’re experience issues with your browser, try clicking the Supported Browsers link at the bottom of the portal for more information.  In addition to the browser information, you can also view the portal’s Terms & Conditions.

Comerica Bank Headquarters

  • 1717 Main St.
  • Dallas, Texas 75201


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www.tbc-rebates.com – Enter Code to Redeem Tire Rebate


TBC-Rebates Reward Center

  • Make sure you have your offer code ready to roll
  • You can also begin without submitting an offer code
  • An easy status check system is available

Buying tires and getting a nice little rebate go together like peanut butter and jelly (or peanut butter and bananas if you’re Elvis).  However, the problem is the actual “redeeming of the rebate” part.  Fortunately, those who received a rebate from NTB, Merchant’s, or Tire Kingdom should have a pretty easy go of it.  For instance, all you need to get started on a rebate from these retailers is visit the TBC-Rebates Reward Center (it’s online, not a physical location!).  Once at the center, go ahead and enter the offer code you received to begin with your rebate submission.

Handy Features of the TBC-Rebates Reward Center

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Question? Here ya go: www.tbc-rebates.com/faqs
  • Rebate Card Balance – You can find out by entering your rebate card number
  • Support – If the FAQs don’t work call a representative or strike up an online chat
  • FAQ Search – Can’t find what you need?  Try typing in your question

In addition to these great features, the TBC-Rebates Reward Center also let’s you check the status of your rebate.  In order to do so, click the Track link and enter your tracking number.  No tracking number?  No problem!  Just enter your name and zip code (you can also enter optional info such as a phone number and email address).

Finally, you can also begin a rebate without an offer code.  To do so, click the Start without a code button.  Next, simply enter the date of your purchase to begin a rebate submission.  If you get stuck at any point of the process, you can always try calling the TBC-Rebates Reward Center for further assistance (available between 6 AM and 6 PM PST Monday through Friday).

TBC-Rebates Reward Center Support Number

  • 855-701-4174


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www.essencehealthcareotc.com – Access Your OTC Benefits


Essence Health Care OTC Benefits

  • The portal allows you to shop for OTC products online
  • Existing users must login to gain access to their benefits
  • New users must register for an account in order to gain access

Having easy access to OTC benefits is a big deal for most consumers.  Fortunately, it appears Essence Health Care “gets it”.  For example, if you’re looking to access your Essence Health Care OTC Benefits, all you’ll need to do is login to the portal with a username and password.  Once inside, you can immediately begin shopping for a variety of counter products.  However, if you’re new, account registration is required before gaining access.  In order to do so, click the Not registered? button and follow the instructions to set up your new account.

Setting Up Essence Health Care OTC Benefits

  • You’ll need to create a username and come up with some security answers
  • Be sure to have your Health Plan Member ID ready (you’re gonna need it!)
  • You must supply an email address in order to use the OTC benefits portal
  • Personal information such as your name and state is needed to register

By the way, you can restore a lost or forgotten username or password at any time by clicking the links located at the bottom of the portal.  If you’re looking to recover a password, you’ll need to provide your username and security answers.  Meanwhile, if you only need the username, simply confirm some basic account information to proceed (don’t worry this isn’t rocket science!).

Finally, you can always order OTC products over the phone if you don’t have an email address (or if you just don’t want to cough yours up).  To do so, call the OTC Order Fulfillment Center at 877-494-2806.

Essence Health Care OTC Benefits Customer Service

  • 877-494-2806 (open between 8 AM and 11 PM EST Monday through Friday)


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www.getmyreceipt.com – Get Your Parking Receipt Online


How do I get my receipt?

  • You’ll need to enter information to verify the receipt you’re looking for
  • There’s a different method for receipts from before January 31st, 2019
  • The receipts can be emailed or printed off for safe storage

People need parking receipts for a variety of reasons.  For example, maybe you had to pay for parking due to an event you attended for work.  Guess what!  Many companies will reimburse you for the money you paid for parking.  However, some companies also require proof of your purchase.  Which brings us back to the whole parking receipt thing.  The good news is, many parking vendors now allow you to find your receipt the EASY way:  online.  For instance, if you’ve been directed to the Get My Receipt portal you can find your receipt in a mere matter of seconds.  Let’s take a look at how this works.

Okay, so AGAIN, how do I get my receipt??

  • Start by entering dates to narrow down the receipts you’re searching for
  • Next, simply go ahead and punch in both your first and last name
  • You’ll need to enter the last 4 digits of the credit card you used to pay
  • Before searching use the drop down list to confirm your credit card type
  • Please note all 4 of the major credit cards are available

By the way, it should be mentioned that you’ll need to enter slightly different information if you’re looking for a receipt from before January 31st, 2019.  In order to search for an old receipt, enter your last name, last 4 digits of your card, city, exit date, and exit time.  Once you’ve entered all of the required information you can either enter your email address or print your receipt (if you enter your email address you’ll receive the receipt via email).

Ready to find your receipt?  – www.getmyreceipt.com