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sweeps.aarp.org/EnterRetirement2018 – Enter AARP Sweepstakes


Join the Sweeps AARP Enter Retirement

  • Account login is required to begin registration
  • Sweepstakes & Instant Win Game are included
  • Bonus entries can be earned in 2 different ways

A good retirement is something many people strive for.

www.tryrevitive46.com – Order Now & Receive Revitive Special Offer


Try Revitive 46 Special Offer

  • 2 different models are available to choose from
  • Customer testimonials are available for review
  • Customer service is available by phone and chat

A money back guarantee is often something that allows a tentative customer to “take the plunge” and try a new product.

www.baconforlifesweeps.com – Register Now Bacon for Life Sweeps


 Entering the “Bacon for Life” Sweepstakes

  • A countdown is displayed showing time left to enter
  • Registration is available via purchase or mail-in
  • Smithfield consumer affairs number is available

When a brand new sweepstakes has been opened it’s always nice to know EXACTLY how long it will stay that way.

www.GWRSpace.com – Enter & Win an Astronaut Space Experience


How to Enter the “Astronaut Experience” Sweepstakes

  • An online form can be completed to gain entry
  • Official Rules of the contest must be agreed to
  • News and special offers can be signed up for

Let’s face it, it’s hard to find someone out there who hasn’t wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut.

www.magnolialistens.com – Enter Code to Begin Magnolia Survey


Taking the Magnolia Listens Survey

  • A 6 digit employee code is needed to get started
  • A copy of the survey’s Privacy Policy is available
  • Completion status of the survey can be tracked

When asking someone to take time out of the day to participate in a survey, the least the organization conducting the survey can do is offer a streamlined process.