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www.thewinningwaffle.com – Win FREE White Castle Breakfast


The Winning Waffle Promotion

  • The promotion includes both a sweepstakes and instant win game
  • You do not have to make a purchase if you request an entry code
  • Alternatively, you can upload a White Castle receipt to enter
  • The promotion offers a variety of different prizes

Anyone like waffles?  If you find yourself nodding in delight, you may be interested in the latest promotion from White Castle.  The Winning Waffle promotion is now live and will soon be awarding 1 lucky sweepstakes winner with a trip to Belgium where they’ll be treated to waffle bakery tour (what better place to learn about waffles??).  In addition to the sweepstakes prize, there are also a variety of instant win game prizes.  So without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the instant win prizes.

The Winning Waffle Instant Win Game Prizes

  • The top prize is an entries year’s worth of delicious White Castle breakfast
  • 20 lucky winners will receive White Castle breakfast for a solid month
  • Additionally, there are 40 White Castle breakfast for a week prizes
  • Finally, 250 folks will win White Castle breakfast for a day
  • The total approximate retail value of the instant win prizes is $7,450

While we’re talking values, it should be mentioned that the overall value of the Brussels vacation comes to a hefty $6,300.  Therefore, this brings the total approximate retail value of all the prizes available in the promotion to a savory $13,650.  If you feel like winning one of these prizes, grab your White Castle receipt showing the purchase of an eligible product and go to the online entry page.  Once you’ve registered, you can go ahead and upload your receipt to receive 1 entry.  By the way, you can review the eligible products within section 3 of the official rules: www.thewinningwaffle.com/en-us/Rules.

Finally, did we mention you can enter this promotion without a purchase?? In order to do so, request an entry code by writing to PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325.  To find out more details about the free entries just take a look at the official rules.

Sponsor of the Winning Waffle Promotion

  • White Castle
  • 555 West Goodale St.
  • Columbus, OH 43215


Another Chance to Win – Take the Tell SSP Survey and win $500!

www.quickloansamerica.com/apply1 – Begin Loan Application


Quick Loans America Apply 1

  • You’ll need to confirm the type of loan you need to begin
  • Applicants with all types of credit are welcome to apply
  • Quick Loans America contact numbers are available

Sometimes, how fast you can get a loan is what matters most.  If this is the case, there’s a good chance you’ll be interested in a loan from Quick Loans America.  In order to see if you’re eligible, first confirm if you’re applying for a business loan or personal loan.  Next, enter the amount you need followed by your name, phone number, and email address.  Once you’ve submitted all of the required information, you’ll receive notice on whether you’re approved in a matter of seconds!  Moreover, if you decide to apply you can receive the funds you need as early as the next business day (how’s that for service with a smile??).

More Information on Quick Loans America Apply 1

  • The lenders may be able to loan between $1,000 and $5,000 (a quick cash boost!)
  • Your Annual Percentage Rate may be limited depending on the state you live in
  • If your state doesn’t limit your APR it’s possible it could exceed 35.99 percent
  • Service provided by Quick Loans American may not be available in every state

In addition to personal and business loans, Quick Loans America may be able to help you get cash for new wheels.  To see if you qualify for an auto loan, click the tab at the top right side of the page and fill out the application (it only takes a few minutes!).  If you’re worried about poor credit, you’ll be glad to learn that you could still qualify even with bad credit or no credit at all.

Finally, if you have general questions for Quick Loans America call 248-686-2966 for assistance.  Meanwhile, you can check on an application (or ask questions about starting one) by calling the application line.

Quick Loans America Apply 1 Application Line

  • 248-717-0203


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www.andersoncapitalonesettlement.com – File Claim Online


Anderson Capital One Settlement

  • You’ll need your Notice ID to begin an online claim form
  • Hard copy forms are available if you didn’t receive a notice
  • There are a variety of important dates associated with the settlement
  • Contact phone number and FAQs are available for questions

A class action lawsuit has recently come to settlement terms which should resolve allegations that Capital One failed to update its credit furnishing for certain accounts.  The Plaintiff Class claims that as a result, their ability to get credit was hindered.  In order to begin an online claim, click on the button located in the center of the filing page.  Next, you’ll need to enter the Notice ID shown on the post card you received (look for a 9 digit number located above your name and address).

Anderson Capital One Settlement:  Key Facts

  • This settlement applies to cardholders who went through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • The last day to get your claim filed is September 11th, 2019 (don’t put it off!)
  • You can no longer request exclusion or file an objection (ended August 9th)
  • Additionally, the final approval hearing is also set for September 11th, 2019
  • If the case goes through any appeals your payment may be delayed

In addition to submitting your claim online, you can also fill out a hard copy.  Once you’re done completing the form, go to the filing page and check the appropriate box to upload your hard copy claim form and any supporting documents.  Please note you can also send your completed hard copy directly to the Settlement Administrator (just make sure it’s post-marked by the deadline!).

While on the topic of the Settlement Administrator, it should be mentioned that you can contact the administrator with questions about the settlement.  Meanwhile, if you’re one that prefers to dig up your own answers, take a look at the FAQs located online and within the long form notice: www.andersoncapitalonesettlement.com/Docs/Long-Form.

Anderson Capital One Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 25428, Richmond, VA 23260
  • 888-627-9594

Online Filingwww.andersoncapitalonesettlement.com

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www.tellssp.com – Take Survey & Win $500.00 Gift Card


Tell SSP!

  • You’ll need to provide some preliminary information to begin
  • The survey rewards you with entry to a prize draw after completion
  • You can review a copy of the survey’s Terms & Conditions

When you’re hungry at the airport, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever food you can find near the terminal.  However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect that food to be good.  Fortunately, the SSP survey allows YOU to keep a variety of airport dining establishments on their toes.  In order to rate the place you ate at, you’ll first need to select it from a drop down list (name of the place and the airport its in).  Next, you’ll need to confirm the date and time of the visit before proceeding to the survey (these should both be on the receipt if you didn’t pitch it!).

About the Tell SSP Survey Prize Draw

  • The prize draw will be held each quarter and will select 1 lucky winner
  • Whoever wins gets an Amazon gift card valued at a cool $500.00
  • Prize draws will take place within 7 days of each of the entry periods
  • You’ll receive email notice within 2 weeks of the draw if you win
  • You must respond within 3 weeks if you win (if you want your prize)
  • You cannot opt to receive cash instead of the Amazon gift card
  • Ya gotta be a United States resident and at least 18 to enter

By the way, you can still enter the prize draw even if you don’t feel like taking the survey.  If you’re so inclined to go this route, click the link at the bottom of the survey and follow the instructions to proceed.  In addition to the survey-free entry link, you can also find a complete copy of the survey’s Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page.

Finally, if you want to contact SSP you can click the Contact link at the bottom of the survey to bring up a list phone numbers (number depends on which country you’re calling from).

Tell SSP Survey Promoter Address

  • SSP America, Inc
  • 4701 Cox Road, Suite 301
  • Glen Allen VA 23060-6802


More Chances for Feedback



www.austinspizzafeedback.com – Begin Customer Feedback


How to Begin Austin’s Pizza Online Survey

  • You’ll need to enter some personal information to get started
  • The survey requires that you confirm which location you visited
  • You can review a copy  of the Privacy Policy before you launch the survey

Of all food items, pizza may be the one that inspires the most gab.  Fortunately, customers of Austin’s Pizza can now put their urge to share some thoughts to good use with the chain’s online survey.  In order to begin the survey, you’ll first need to type in your name and email address.  Once you have entered both, use the drop down lists to enter the city, state, and location of the Austin’s Pizza you visited.  When you’ve finished all of the required work on the first page, click the Next button to proceed towards the feedback section.

From Austin’s Pizza Menu

  • Bacon Pizzaburger – Piled high with breakfast bacon, hamburger, and red onions
  • BBQ Chick – Finally, a savory BBQ pizza that you can really sink your teeth into!
  • Brazos – A bold pizza that features pepperoni and Canadian bacon
  • Downtown Special -Pepperoni, sausage, black olives, and mushrooms – perfect!
  • Far West – You know you’re living your best life when alfredo sauce is on your pie
  • The Super Pep – Do you like pepperoni pizzas?  Then double dip with this one!
  • Vegatated – With a name like this it’s not hard to guess what’s on this pizza

By the way, you can also view the survey’s Privacy Policy before getting started.  In order to do so, simply click the link located at the bottom left hand side of the survey start page.  In addition to the Privacy Policy, the survey also includes a handy progress bar that let’s you know how much longer the feedback session will last (it’ll only take a few minutes).


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