Priceline Rewards Visa Login:  A Quick Walkthrough

  • Cardholders can enter a username and password to login
  • A Remember Me box saves the username for future uses
  • Cardholders can recover an account online
  • Check status at login

Cardholders the world over know how rewarding the Priceline Rewards Visa card can be.  However, what is far less known is how convenient the card makes it for customers to gain access to an account.  Cardholders can complete the Priceline Rewards Visa login process by entering a username and password and clicking the Login button (does it get any easier than that??).  In fact, cardholders can make the login process EVEN EASIER by checking the Remember Username box before logging in.  After the account holder checks the box, the username is stored so that only a password must be entered at future sign in attempts at

More on the Priceline Rewards Visa Login Process

  • Cardholders can reset a password online after identity has been verified
  • New customers must create an account before gaining online access
  • Cardholders can also sign into personal banking or loan accounts
  • New applicants can check status of an application from the login page

Potential cardholders who have submitted an application can enter a last name, last 4 digits of an SSN, zip code, and email address to begin a status check.  Once all of the required information has been entered, the Check Status button can be clicked to find out what’s going on with the application (similar to the HSBC retrieve application process).

Barclays US works with 25 companies to provide customers with a variety of credit card options.  The company presents options for both everyday consumers as well as small businesses.  Cardholders can contact Barclays US by phone for help with general inquiries or the credit card activation process.  In addition to over the phone, cardholders can also connect with Barclays US by clicking one of the social media icons located at the bottom of the Priceline Rewards Visa login page.

Barclays US Contact Numbers

  • General Inquiries Phone Number – 866-951-1440
  • Card Activation Phone Number – 877-408-8866
  • Fax Number – 866-823-8178


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