Enter RSVP Code To Increase Your Credit Line


  • The process of bumping up the credit limit can be done online
  • The increase  is exclusive to those who received the mail offer
  • As always American Express is there to provide grade A support

The benefits of an increase in one’s available credit at  www.americanexpress.com/redeemlineincrease simply cannot be understated.  For starters, the recipient of the increase gets to bask in the many rewards associated with more overall purchasing power (never know when it’s going to be needed!).   In addition to the added spending limits, a boost to a credit line can also provide indirect benefits such as a possible credit score increase.

With all of that being put out there, those who have received a mail offer from American Express may want consider visiting www.americanexpress.com/redeemlineincrease to begin the process of upping the current limit of a card.


American Express Redeem Line Increase: First Steps

In order to get started with the line increase offer, the RSVP code shown on the correspondence must be entered along with the four digit CID number (most American Express customers know by now that the CID is located on the FRONT of the card).




Cards You Won’t Need To Increase at www.americanexpress.com/redeemlineincrease

  • American Express Green – Perhaps the most iconic of all American Express cards
  • American Express Premier Rewards – Plenty of cash back but has a $195 annual fee
  • American Express Business – Kind of like the Premier Rewards but for businesses
  • American Express Platinum – An amazing card for those who plan on lots of travel
  • American Express Centurion – The most exclusive card from Amex is INVITE ONLY

Those who are a bit hung up on the RSVP code may want to keep in mind that it’s 13 digits in length (safe to say most correspondences don’t have too many 13 digits numbers dancing across the page).


American Express Redeem Line Increase Customer Service

Questions about the process of redeeming a line increase can be addressed by clicking the Contact Us link to use the available live chat feature at the American Express Credit Line Increase Center.  Those who prefer to skip the live chat can try calling the American Express customer service department.


American Express Customer Service Contact Information

  • PO Box 981535, El Paso, TX 79998-1535
  • 800-528-4800


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