Getting Started at

  • Customers must confirm the date of the purchase
  • The survey requires numbers from the purchase receipt
  • Participants can refer to a receipt sample image

Sometimes a customer doesn’t need a chance to win a gift card or a 10% off the next visit offer in exchange for taking a survey.  Nordstrom seems to understand this notion all too well.  For instance, it doesn’t appear that the stores offers any incentive whatsoever for customers who decide to provide some friendly feedback at  In order to begin the survey, it will be necessary for the customer to enter the date of purchase (it only allows the last 3 days for some reason).  Once the purchase date is confirmed, the customer can then proceed to enter the store, register, and transaction numbers shown on their receipt (kind of like the Tell Tri Star SMG Survey).

If there’s no sweepstakes or offer, why should I take the survey??

  • Altruism – Take the survey with no self-interest in mind (then brag to your selfish friends about it)
  • Maybe It Will Work – Perhaps Nordstrom will make changes based on what is relayed in the survey
  • Surveys Can Be Fun – The anticipation of the what type of question comes next is too good to resist
  • It Only Takes 2 Minutes – Those with an unwavering mindset may find it takes even less time
  • Practice – While taking a survey isn’t brain surgery, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the skills

After the customer enters all of the required receipt information they can click the Submit button to proceed with the survey.  By the way, customers who are having problems finding the information can refer to the sample image of a receipt located at the right side of  In addition to the receipt image, the survey also provides a copy of its Privacy Policy.

Customers who need to check the status of an order can call 888-282-6060 to speak with a Nordstrom representative.  Meanwhile, those with general questions about the company can try sending inquiries to the Nordstrom corporate offices in Seattle, WA.

Nordstrom Corporate Offices Address

  • 1617 6th Ave., Seattle, WA 98101


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