Target Rewards Card Login & Payments

target rewards card login


  • You’ll need to enter a username and password to login
  • The system allows you to recover your username and password
  • You can use the show password option for easier access
  • Start at the top of the Target Rewards login page


Target Red Card customers can now easily access their accounts to make a quick online payments. Something that should be music to the ears of cardholders everywhere!

At any rate, you can take care of your Target Rewards card payment and get on with your day in just a few easy steps. And we say easy, we mean EASY. Here’s how.


How To Make a Target Red Card Payment


  1. Go to and enter your username and password
  2. Click the sign In button and proceed to the payments screen
  3. Complete your Red Card payment and wait for the confirmation


By the way, you can also recover your Red Card login information directly from the Target Rewards card login screen. In order to do so click the link below the login fields.

Once you’re at the next page you can enter your email address if you need to recovery your Target Rewards Card payment username. Meanwhile, you can enter both your email address and username if your looking to reset your Red Card login password.


Other Target Rewards Card Login Activities


Need to create or change your PIN?  Target Red Card customers can complete both tasks after logging into their account.

You can add a new cardholder to your account after logging into your Target Rewards Card.

Set up card alerts and sign up for paper-free Red Card statements.


Target Circle Apple TV+ Rewards Program


In addition to the rewards card, Target also offers its customers another amazing perk. And what a perk it is!

Members of Target Circle can now take advantage of a lucrative promotion involving Apple TV+. That’s right, Target and Apple have joined forces to offer 4 FREE months of programming just for being a member of the inner circle. WOW.

In order to cash in on the offer just visit Target Circle Apple TV+ Rewards and click the Redeem button. Once you’re directed to Apple TV+ follow the instructions to sign up for the promotion and begin consuming copious amounts of amazing shows and movies. Talk about a squeal of a deal!



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Target Rewards Card Benefits


target rewards card login red card payments


While using the Target Rewards Card login to make your Red Card payment you may also want to check out the crazy good benefits you receive just for being a cardholder. For instance, you receive a whopping 5% off on all purchases at both the brick and mortar stores and at Target online. Let’s find else what other perks are available!


  • Cardholders receive FREE 2 day shipping on hundreds of thousands of items
  • You’ll also receive special offers exclusive to Red Card customers
  • Enjoy an extra 30 days to return items you’re not happy with
  • Get 2% cash back on dining and cash purchases
  • Take another 1% cash back from all other purchases


By the way, all of these great credit card perks come with ZERO annual fee. Something everyone can surely appreciate. Overall the Target Red Card is one of the best retail credit cards on the market. In fact, it even surpasses the well known Walgreens/SYF card in terms of the sheer amount of benefits cardholders receive.

Visit for a complete list of advantages you’ll receive as a cardholder.


Target Red Card Customer Service


  • Target Red Card Payments Address – P.O. Box 660170, Dallas, TX 75266-0170
  • Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number – 800-424-6888
  • Debit Card Customer Service Phone Number – 888-729-7331