28 Degrees Card AU Upload Proof of Income Process

  • Cardholders will need an application number to begin
  • The system provides a chart that describes all valid documents
  • Customers can contact Latitude Financial with questions


How much a new customer makes is one thing that’s of the utmost importance lenders.  Therefore, new applicants usually need to prove their income before receiving a credit card.  Fortunately, many credit card companies have ways of making this process as easy as possible (such as the Green Dot Document Upload process).  For instance, those applying for a 28 Degrees card can send their income documents through a convenient online application.  In order to begin, it will be necessary for the applicant to fill out a brief form and include either an application number.  Once the applicant enters all the required information they can click the Next button to proceed with verification.


Acceptable Proof of Income Documents at www.28degreescard.com.au/upload

  • Payslips – Different requirements of what needs to be shown for each type of employee
  • Bank Statements – Needs to show at least 1 income payment that’s within 60 days
  • Employment Confirmation Letter – Have the boss tell them how much you make!
  • Group Certificates – These are only available for temporary workers and contractors
  • Tax Office Notice of Assessment – Available for self-employed, retirees, and contractors

Applicants can review the full chart of acceptable documents by clicking the See All Valid Documents link located at the top left hand side of www.28degreescard.com.au/upload.  By the way, the application number needed to begin verification is between 13 and 16 digits in length.

Customers with questions about their 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard can call Latitude Financial for help between the hours 8 AM and 9 PM Monday through Friday.  In addition to the weekday hours, Latitude Financial also provides support between the hours of 8:30 AM and 8 PM on the weekends.


28 Degrees Card AU Upload Support Number

  • 1300 552 079


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