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How to Activate My Kit

  • Customers must select the type of kit to begin activation
  • Wisdom Panel customers must login to activate the kit
  • Optimal Selection customers must enter a Sample ID

Dog and cat owners can now use DNA science to learn more about their 4 legged friends.  One way pet owners can accomplish this is by purchasing a DNA kit from Wisdom Panel or Optimal selection.  However, before learning more about a pet, customers will first need to activate the kit.  In order to do so, customers must navigate to the Activate My Kit page and select a language to receive instructions in (English, French, and German are provided).  After selecting a language the type of kit being activated must be confirmed.  Customers who are activating a Wisdom Panel kit must login to an account before proceeding with the activation.


Activating My Kit for Wisdom Panel

  • New customers must create an account before activating a kit
  • Customers must then login with an email address and password
  • The system provides online password recovery assistance (phew)

Customers who need to reset a password must enter the email address associated with their account to begin.  After entering an email address, customers will receive a link via email that will allow for the reset.  In addition to the password reset tool, customers can also check the Remember Me box for quicker account access in the future (saving time is always a plus!).

How to Activate My Kit:  Optimal Selection

  • Customers must first choose between a canine or feline test
  • A Sample ID must be entered after selecting the type of test
  • Customers can find the Sample ID on the inside of the box

Customers should keep in mind that they need to send the kit in for review after they have completed the activation process.  Wisdom Health is available to answer questions about the activation process via email or by phone.

Wisdom Health Contact Information

  • info@wisdomhealth.com
  • 888-597-3883



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