How do I activate Speed Talk Mobile service?

  • Customers must enter a SIM card number to begin activation
  • Customers can activate a new phone or port in an old one
  • The system provides an online account refill service

A mobile phone service doesn’t do anyone any good until a customer activates it.  Fortunately, Speed Talk Mobile customers can get this done online in just a few minutes.  Customers can begin the process of activating a new number by entering a SIM number into the Speed Talk Mobile online activation system.  Once the SIM has been entered the Continue button can be clicked to proceed with the activation process.  Please note that customers must enter a SIM regardless of whether they are activating a new number or porting an existing one.

What else should I know before I activate Speed Talk?

  • Customers should not install the SIM card until activation is complete
  • Devices accept 3 types of SIM cards:  Standard, Micro, and Nano
  • SIM cards show the SIM card number at the bottom of the card
  • Customers must refill the account to keep service activated

The Speed Talk Mobile online activation system also allows for customers to refill an account in addition to activating a new one.  In order to refill an account, customers must first enter either a SIM number or phone number.  After entering one of the required numbers the Submit button can be clicked to proceed with the account refill.

The system does not require payment at activation if the customer has purchased a pre-loaded SIM card.  However, customers who do not have a pre-loaded SIM must purchase a plan when activating the card.  Customers can get help with the activation process by calling 310-707-0000.  In addition to the local number, Speed Talk Mobile also provides a toll-free customer support number.

Speed Talk Mobile Toll-Free Support Number

  • 866-701-5577 (available 7 days a week between 4:30 AM and 8:30 PM PST )