Anderson Capital One Settlement

  • You’ll need your Notice ID to begin an online claim form
  • Hard copy forms are available if you didn’t receive a notice
  • There are a variety of important dates associated with the settlement
  • Contact phone number and FAQs are available for questions

A class action lawsuit has recently come to settlement terms which should resolve allegations that Capital One failed to update its credit furnishing for certain accounts.  The Plaintiff Class claims that as a result, their ability to get credit was hindered.  In order to begin an online claim, click on the button located in the center of the filing page.  Next, you’ll need to enter the Notice ID shown on the post card you received (look for a 9 digit number located above your name and address).

Anderson Capital One Settlement:  Key Facts

  • This settlement applies to cardholders who went through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • The last day to get your claim filed is September 11th, 2019 (don’t put it off!)
  • You can no longer request exclusion or file an objection (ended August 9th)
  • Additionally, the final approval hearing is also set for September 11th, 2019
  • If the case goes through any appeals your payment may be delayed

In addition to submitting your claim online, you can also fill out a hard copy.  Once you’re done completing the form, go to the filing page and check the appropriate box to upload your hard copy claim form and any supporting documents.  Please note you can also send your completed hard copy directly to the Settlement Administrator (just make sure it’s post-marked by the deadline!).

While on the topic of the Settlement Administrator, it should be mentioned that you can contact the administrator with questions about the settlement.  Meanwhile, if you’re one that prefers to dig up your own answers, take a look at the FAQs located online and within the long form notice:

Anderson Capital One Settlement Administrator

  • PO Box 25428, Richmond, VA 23260
  • 888-627-9594


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