How to Begin Austin’s Pizza Online Survey

  • You’ll need to enter some personal information to get started
  • The survey requires that you confirm which location you visited
  • You can review a copy  of the Privacy Policy before you launch the survey

Of all food items, pizza may be the one that inspires the most gab.  Fortunately, customers of Austin’s Pizza can now put their urge to share some thoughts to good use with the chain’s online survey.  In order to begin the survey, you’ll first need to type in your name and email address.  Once you have entered both, use the drop down lists to enter the city, state, and location of the Austin’s Pizza you visited.  When you’ve finished all of the required work on the first page, click the Next button to proceed towards the feedback section.

From Austin’s Pizza Menu

  • Bacon Pizzaburger – Piled high with breakfast bacon, hamburger, and red onions
  • BBQ Chick – Finally, a savory BBQ pizza that you can really sink your teeth into!
  • Brazos – A bold pizza that features pepperoni and Canadian bacon
  • Downtown Special -Pepperoni, sausage, black olives, and mushrooms – perfect!
  • Far West – You know you’re living your best life when alfredo sauce is on your pie
  • The Super Pep – Do you like pepperoni pizzas?  Then double dip with this one!
  • Vegatated – With a name like this it’s not hard to guess what’s on this pizza

By the way, you can also view the survey’s Privacy Policy before getting started.  In order to do so, simply click the link located at the bottom left hand side of the survey start page.  In addition to the Privacy Policy, the survey also includes a handy progress bar that let’s you know how much longer the feedback session will last (it’ll only take a few minutes).


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