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 Entering the “Bacon for Life” Sweepstakes

  • A countdown is displayed showing time left to enter
  • Registration is available via purchase or mail-in
  • Smithfield consumer affairs number is available

When a brand new sweepstakes has been opened it’s always nice to know EXACTLY how long it will stay that way.  With that being said, participants should have no trouble figuring how long the “Bacon for Life” sweeps from Smithfield stays activate thanks to the handy countdown tool posted smack-dab in the middle of the registration page (shows the months, days, and even hours left to enter the sweepstakes).  Those who wish to sign up (instead of just looking at the countdown and putting it off for another day) can take action by clicking the Register button and entering a name, email address, and zip code.  In addition to the contact information, a drop down box can be used to divulge how the participant found out about the sweepstakes.


Recipes Available at the Bacon for Life Sweeps Registration

  • Heirloom Caprese Salad with Bacon – Because everything’s better with bacon!
  • Breakfast Sweet Potato with Bacon – Sweet potato, over easy egg, and BACON
  • Easy Bacon Cinnamon Rolls – Go ahead and combined the sweet with the savory
  • Bacon & Eggs Cups – A new take on the tried and true traditional home breakfast
  • Bacon S’mores – Perhaps the only way to improve upon the original S’mores recipe

A full list of the available Smithfield bacon recipes can be reviewed by clicking the Recipes link posted at the top of the registration page.  Furthermore, the Products link can also be clicked to take a look at other meaty delights from Smithfield.

Participants who want to know what others would do with “Bacon for Life” (the Grand Prize of the sweepstakes) can find out by following Marty Smith as he hits the streets to hear some sure to be entertaining answers.

For Questions About Smithfield and the Bacon for Life Sweeps

  • The Offical Rules can be reviewed by clicking the link under the entry form
  • An extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions is available to be reviewed
  • Smithfield consumer affairs can be reached at 855-411-PORK (just dial!)

It should be noted that the sweepstakes can be entered using a code from a Smithfield product purchase or by sending a written request.  Those plan on entering by mail must make sure the request is post-marked no later than December 31st, 2018.

Bacon for Life Sweeps Mail Entry Address

  • PO Box 1796, Cranberry Township, PA 16066


  • www.baconforlifesweeps.com

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