Activate Your Cabela’s Club Card: Quick Guide

  • Cardholders first need to set up an account with Capital One
  • Card activation can begin once the customer sets an account
  • Customer support is available by phone, FAQs, and chat

One could make the analogy that a card that isn’t active is like a fishing pole with no line:  ABSOLUTELY USELESS.  Therefore, many (if not all) credit cards now feature easy online activation.  For instance, Cabela’s Club Card customers can now unlock their spending power in just a couple of steps at  First, it will be necessary for the cardholder to navigate to the Cabela’s Activate portal and click the Set Up Online Access button.

Some Sweet Perks of the Cabela’s Club Card

  • Cardholders earn 2% points back on ALL purchases made at Cabela’s (easy money!)
  • The Cabela’s Club points can be used by customers to get FREE gear at Cabela’s
  • Cardholders can earn an unlimited amount of points (just keep racking them up!)
  • The card also provides 2% points back at Cenex and 1% on all other purchases
  • There is absolutely ZERO annual fee associated with the Cabela’s Club Card

The second step in the process is the actual card activation.  Once the cardholder has set up online access with Capital One they can click the Sign In & Activate button at the Cabela’s Activate portal.  After clicking the button, the cardholder can then login to complete the card activation.  Cardholders who skipped the first step can click the Set Up for Online Access link to set up a Capital One account.

Cabela’s Club Card Pointers at

  • Customers can pay their bills online using their checking account information
  • Club points can be used to purchase goods at Cabela’s online store (SWEET!)
  • Cardholders can check their Club points balance online after logging in

Those with questions about their Cabela’s Club Card can try reviewing the information found in the FAQs posted at the bottom of the Cabela’s Activate portal.  In addition to the FAQs, Cabela’s also provides over the phone support at 800-237-4444.  Finally, cardholders who want to pay a card by mail can send remittance to the payments PO Box in Charlotte, NC.

Cabela’s Club Card Payments Address

  • PO Box 71083, Charlotte, NC 28272-1083


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