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Capital One:  Activate Your New Card Online

  • Cardholders must have a Capital One username to begin
  • The portal offers easy online enrollment to new customers
  • Customers can activate both credit and debit cards


Most consumers sign up for a credit card for one reason only:  SO THEY CAN BUY STUFF.  Therefore, a credit card that hasn’t been activated by its owner is pretty much worthless.  Fortunately, Capital One customers can easily make their new card worth more than the plastic it’s made of.  This can be done using the simple online activation process at www.capitalone.com/activate.  Upon arrival at the page, cardholders can login with a username and password to proceed.  Meanwhile, those who have yet to register can enroll for online access.  In order to begin enrollment, Capital One will first need to look the cardholder up in the system using a last name, SSN, and date of birth.

Things to Keep in Mind When Activating a New Capital One Card

  • Cardholders should click the “Start Here” button to link the new card to their account
  • The 3 digit code used at activation is located smack dab to the right of the signature line
  • Capital One also provides over the phone credit card activation at 888-655-5646
  • Canadian customers cannot activate a card online (use the activation phone number)

In addition to credit cards, Capital One also provides online debit card activation.  In order to activate a debit card, the cardholder will need to login after clicking the Need to activate a debit card? link.  In either case, both credit and debit card customers must have a username before activating a card.

What else I should know before I activate my Capital One card?

  • New customers should have their card at hand before enrolling for online banking
  • Cardholders will need a valid email address to enroll (shouldn’t be too hard to find)
  • Authorized user cards will be activated at the same time as the primary card

By the way, it should be pointed out that cardholders can use their newly activated cards to pull cash out at an ATM.  In order to do so, the cardholder must first request a PIN by calling 800-955-7070.  Additionally, the ATM dispensing the cash must be part of the PLUS ATM network.  Cardholders can confirm the network by locating the PLUS logo on the ATM.

Capital One Credit Card Payments Address

  • PO Box 71083, Charlotte, NC 28272-1083


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