Capital One Refi Offer


  • Who is this for?  Capital One customers with existing auto loans
  • Are non-Capital One customers eligible? Yes
  • Guaranteed rate?  Yes the APR is guaranteed (talk about peace of mind)
  • Does my payoff date change? Borrowers can keep their current payoff date


Capital One is giving its auto loan customers a chance to score a GUARANTEED APR with its special refinance offer.  In order to pre-qualify, customers must go to the offer page and click the Get Started button.  Next, the customer must enter their Access Code along with the last 4 digits of their SSN to receive a rate.


Access Code Status at


  • Nope!  Consumers can pre-qualify regardless of whether they have a code
  • Current Capital One customers can sign in to make the process speedier
  • Those who aren’t with Capital One can begin filling out the online form

Those who like the rate being offered can immediately begin an application after pre-qualifying.  However, customers should be aware that applying for the refinance will result in a hard credit check (credit report will be pulled). today



Last Steps at


  • Applicants must provide an electronic signature
  • Capital One may request supporting information
  • Customers may need to verify their vehicle info
  • Smile and think of the money you’ll be saving!

Borrowers who want to learn more about how an auto refinance works can scroll to the bottom of the offer page and read the disclosures and requirements (brew some coffee because it may take a while!).  In addition the disclosures and requirements, Capital One also provides a handy FAQ list that potential applicants can review before applying.  Finally, those with questions about the loan process can call between 9 AM and 9 PM Monday through Friday and from 10 AM and 7 PM on Saturdays.


Capital One Customer Support Number

  • 888-263-4582


Prequalify Here:


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