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Capstone Restaurants Careers:  How to Apply

  • The job portal has a variety of job openings for review
  • Applicants can apply through the SNAG application
  • New users must register for an online account


The path to a new and exciting career doesn’t always have to be a difficult one.  For example, job seekers who are interested in a career with Capstone Restaurants can begin an application in a matter of seconds.  Before applying, however, the job seeker must first find a position of interest.  In order to begin a search, potential applicants must first go to the Capstone Restaurants Careers portal.  Once at the portal, the user can scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of available openings.  In addition to the list, the portal also provides a convenient job search tool at the upper right hand side of the page.

Restaurants Associated with Capstone

  • Taco Bell – One of the tried and true great American fast food chains (enough said!)
  • Hardee’s – The place to go when the craving for a massive Thickburger takes hold
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – A chain that is quickly proving to be much more than just donuts
  • Pizza Hut Express – A faster (albeit more limited) version of the original Pizza Hut

Applicants who want to limit the scope of a search can do so using the tool bars located under the Open Jobs section of the Capstone Restaurants Careers portal.  When using the tool bars, applicants can narrow search results by location, job title, and job type.

Once the ideal job is spotted, the applicant can click the Apply button to review the description.  Those who like what they see can then click the Apply via Snag button to begin an application.  Next, the system will direct the applicant to the Snag portal where they can apply for the job.  Please note that applicants must sign up for an account with Snag in order to proceed.

Capstone Restaurants Careers Contact Information

  • 7490 Clubhouse Rd., 2nd Floor
  • Boulder, CO 80302
  • 303-530-2900


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