• If you’re a first time user you’ll need to set up an account
  • Once set up, you can login with a username and password
  • The system provides online login credential recovery options
  • You can also call toll-free for username or password help
  • Privacy Policy available at www.card-data.com/comericaprepaid


Card-Data/Comerica Prepaid Account Management


It’s always nice to know EXACTLY what’s going on with your prepaid card.  Fortunately, most credit cards have set up online account access to assist with this need.  For instance, if you’ve been issued a prepaid Mastercard from Comerica Bank you can use the card’s online statement portal to manage your account.

In order to use the portal, you’ll first need to set up an account.  You can accomplish this by first entering your card number as your username.  Next, refer to your welcome letter for a temporary password.  Once you’ve entered the temporary password you’ll be asked to change your login credentials.


How do I log into my Comerica account?


You can login to your Comerica account by visiting www.card-data.com/comericaprepaid and entering your username and password. In the event you have lost or forgotten your login information you’ll need to use the online account recovery tools.







Account Recovery at www.card-data.com/comericaprepaid


  • You’ll need to enter your email address to begin the username recovery process
  • Meanwhile, if you forgot your password enter both a username and email address
  • If these options don’t work try calling 800-759-9610 for further recovery assistance
  • Once you’ve successfully recovered your info return to the login page and proceed

By the way, you may want to add the Card-Data Comerica Prepaid portal to your trusted sites zone.  If you wish to do so, go ahead and click the link posted beneath the login fields for instructions (the link is really small so try not to overlook it!).



Comerica FAQS



Where is Comerica?


Comerica headquarters is located in Dallas Texas. The other major Comerica banking centers can be found in Arizona, Michigan, California, and Florida.


Is Comerica Bank of America?


Comerica is not associated with Bank of America. Both are separate companies with listings on the New York Stock Exchange under CMA and BAC respectively.


What is Comerica trading at?


Comerica has a 52 week trading range of $29.17 – $97.52 as of the first financial quarter of 2023.


What services does Comerica Bank offer?


Comerica Bank services include personal banking, retail banking, and wealth management.


A Few More Tidbits on Comerica Bank

  • The bank originally went by the name of Detroit Savings Fund Institute
  • Has a LONG history dating all the way back to August 17th, 1849
  • The bank returned percent of it’s 2015 net income to shareholders
  • Listed on the New York Stock Exchange under ticket symbol CMA


Final Notes on Card-Data/Comerica Prepaid

Finally, if you’re experience issues with your browser, try clicking the Supported Browsers link at the bottom of the portal for more information.  In addition to the browser information, you can also view the portal’s Terms & Conditions at www.card-data.com/comericaprepaid.


Comerica Bank Headquarters Address

  • 1717 Main St.
  • Dallas, Texas 7520


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