Cardholder Login at Credit Card ACG AAA

  • Cardholders must enter a Personal ID to begin entry
  • The system provides Personal ID recovery assistance
  • New cardholders must enroll before gaining access

Many credit card owners would agree that quick and easy online access is almost as important as the perks of the card itself.  With that being said, AAA Dollars Mastercard customers likely won’t be left disappointed in this area.  Cardholders can begin the simple process of getting into an account by first entering a Personal ID.  After entering the Personal ID, cardholders can then click the Continue button to proceed with the login.  In the event the cardholder can’t seem to muster the Personal ID, the system provides recovery help under the Forgot your Personal ID? link.  After clicking the link, the user must enter a card number, security code, last 4 digits of a SSN, and zip code to proceed.

A Quick Review of the AAA Dollars Mastercard

  • Cardholders earn 1% on qualifying purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • The credit card DOES NOT CAP the amount a cardholder can earn in AAA Dollars
  • Cardholders can redeem AAA Dollars for items such as gift cards and credits
  • Customers can ensure timely payments by using the card’s Auto Pay feature

Cardholders who do not have a United States zip code will need to use a PIN to proceed with the Personal ID recovery process.  Once the cardholder has recovered the Personal ID, they can enter it along with an account password to gain access to the account.  In addition to the Personal ID recovery, the Credit Card ACG AAA system also provides a helpful login FAQ.

New cardholders who have yet to enroll for online access must do so before logging into an account.  Fortunately, the Credit Card ACG AAA system provides online enrollment under the Enroll tab posted at the top of the page.  After clicking the tab, the card holder must complete brief online form the confirm the account enrollment.

AAA Dollars Mastercard Payments Address

  • PO Box 790408
  • St. Louis, MO 63179-0408


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