How to Enter an Account (Credit Card – Myer)


  • Cardholders must enter an access code to begin
  • New customers must register for an account
  • Cardholders can call for over the phone help


Most consumers know that a credit card account is something that should be kept a close eye on.  That is precisely why it’s imperative for credit card companies to provide an easy way to do so.  For instance, Myer credit card customers can easily manage an account online at the Credit Card Myer portal.  Upon arrival at the portal, cardholders must first enter an access code.  Once the code has been entered a password can be keyed in before clicking the Login button to proceed into the account.  Cardholders who are having problems getting into an account can click the Trouble logging in? link for credential recovery assistance.


Advantages of Owning a Credit Card from Myer


  • Cardholders receive 2 credits for every dollar spent at Myer (classic double dip)
  • The card provides 1 credit for every dollar spent everywhere other than Myer
  • Cardholders can enjoy 14 months of NO INTEREST on balance transfers
  • The card does not apply an annual fee for the first year ($69 after that)
  • Cardholders can make payments using both Google Pay and Apple Pay


As you can see, owning a Myer Credit Card comes with it’s fair share of juicy perks. Which one are you looking most forward to? The 2 credits for every buck spent at Myer seems like the biggest selling point in our view!


Access Code Recovery at


Cardholders who can’t remember the access code will need to enter a last name, date of birth,  and email address to begin the recovery.  On the other hand, those who forgot a password can begin by entering an access code and phone number.  In addition to begin recovered, customers can also view passwords as they’re entered by clicking the Show link at the Credit Card Myer portal.

Customers who have yet to register for an account must do so before gaining access.  In order to begin the account registration process, customers must enter an access code and phone number.  The portal provides over the phone assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 13 67 17.


Myer Credit Card International Customer Service Number

  • +61 2 8245 5888




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