How to Receive Your Credit Report with Credit Nav

  • Begin by filling out a brief online registration form
  • You will also receive alerts when there are change to your credit
  • Credit Nav mailing address and contact email is available
  • Begin at

It’s always nice to know what your credit score is (or at least have a ballpark idea).  One place that might be able to help with this endeavor is Credit Nav.  In order to receive your credit score, first go to the main page.  Next, click the Get My Credit Report button to bring up the registration form (or just scroll down towards the bottom of the page).  Once you’ve completed the form, click the Get My Scores Now button to proceed.

Accessing Credit Nav After You’ve Signed Up at

  • First click the Login button (located up top and off towards the right of the screen)
  • Next, simply enter your username or email address along with your account password
  • If you can’t recall your password you can enter your email address to begin a reset
  • You can click the Close Account link if you no longer want or need Credit Nav

Once you’re logged in you can view your credit report information (alerts, reports, all that good stuff).  Always on the go??  No worries!  You can use Credit Nav on your mobile devices (phone, tablet, etc.).  By the way, if you have question or comments you can contact support for assistance.  In order to do so, just click the Support or Contact Us link (it doesn’t matter which one as they’ll both take you to the exact same page).

Credit Nav Contact Information

  • 848 N. Rainbow Blvd., 5392
  • Las Vegas, NV 89107

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