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David Jones: Activate an American Express Store Card

  • Information from the card must be entered to begin
  • Frequently Asked Questions list is available for review
  • Amex and David Jones contact information is available

A retail card doesn’t do a shopper much good until it has been activating.  Fortunately, those who have picked up a David Jones American Express card can now complete this process at the online account activation page (www.davidjones.com.au/activate).  In order to get started it will first be necessary to enter the 4 digit ID shown on the FRONT of the card (unlike the other 3 major credit cards, American Express places the number on the front).  Once the ID has been entered, the 15 digit card number can be typed in before clicking the Confirm button to continue with the activation process.


A Few Things to Know About American Express Accounts

  • Paper statements can be requested (because estatements don’t always cut it)
  • Each card can only have ONE billing address (pick the most used address?)
  • Billing inquiries can be opened if an unfounded merchant charge turns up
  • Charges made in foreign currency may not show up in pending transactions

More information about American Express accounts can be reviewed by clicking the Frequently Asked Questions link posted at www.davidjones.com.au/activate.  In addition to the Frequently Asked Questions, links are also available for other important American Express topics (ATM locator, corporate cards, online services, etc.).

A Brief Look at David Jones

  • The first store was opened in Sydney in 1938 by founder David Jones
  • In 1890 the first David Jones catalog came out (time for mail orders!)
  • A 2nd David Jones was opened to celebrate the store’s 100th anniversary
  • Currently has 35 stores, 2 warehouse outlets, and an online retail service

Customers with questions about a David Jones American Express card can try calling the number located on the back of the card for assistance.  In addition to the number found on the back of the card, 1300 132 639 can be dialed to report a card that has been lost or stolen (call immediately if this happens!).  Payments for a David Jones retail card can be sent to GPO Box 3798, Sydney NSW 2001.  Those with general questions for David Jones can try contacting the store’s customer relations department.

David Jones Customer Relations Address

  • 65-77 Market St., Sydney NSW 2000


More Information on American Express



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