Logging Into Your Elan Rewards Card at www.elanrewardscard.com

  • Customers must enter the card number to begin login
  • New cardholders will need to register for online access
  • Cardholders can contact customer service for help


A nice little cash reward tends to go a LONG way.  However, sometimes a bulky wad of cash isn’t the most convenient way to reward someone.  That’s where prepaid reward cards come into play.  As an illustration of such a card, we now shift our attention to the handy Elan Rewards Card.  Those who need quick online access to their cash rewards balance can begin by entering their 16 digit card number at www.elanrewardscard.com.  Once you’ve entered the card number hit the Login button to gain instant access to an account balance (similar to the Priceline Rewards Visa login).  In addition to the balance, cardholders can also view their transactions and read through the available FAQs after logging in.


Anything else you can tell me about the Elan Rewards Card?

  • Merchants can split the card with another form of payment (for balances that aren’t enough)
  • Cardholders should always pay inside when purchasing gas (just tell the clerk how much!)
  • In some cases the card may not post returns for up to 7 business days (deep breaths)
  • The Elan Rewards Card is issued by Visa (in other words taken pretty much EVERYWHERE)

In the event a cardholder has yet to active their card they must begin by entering the card number into the account login page.  Once the cardholder enters the card number they can go ahead and click the Enter button to proceed with setting up their account at www.elanrewardscard.com.


Congrats on setting up your Elan Rewards Card!  Now what??

  • Take a warm bubble bath and revel in the new-found spending power
  • Phone a friend and brag a bit (maybe one day they will be issued one too)
  • Dress to the nines and go out to make that first glorious purchase

Cardholders who are having trouble gaining access to their account should try re-entering the card number and 3 digit code.  If that doesn’t work, cardholders can try calling the customer service number printed on the back of their card.  Meanwhile, customers who have lost their card can call toll-free to have it replaced (a pesky $15 fee applies unfortunately).


Phone Number for Replacement Elan Rewards Card Requests

  • 855-274-9934


Looking for another way to be rewarded?