Endeavor Air Net:  A How to Guide

  • The portal provides a video tour of the system
  • Employees can receive online login assistance
  • The Endeavor Help Desk can answer questions

Most employees would likely agree that a little bit of visual aid can go a long way.  The Endeavor Air Net employee portal provides a great example of such a notion.  For instance, employees who wish to get a better idea of how to use the system can first watch a quick online video.  Employees can access the video by clicking the Tour of the Endeavor Employee Intranet link.  After clicking the link, the system will redirect the user to a two-minute long YouTube clip that provides a brief demonstration on how to use the portal.  Once done viewing the video employees can close out of the clip and login with a User ID and password (with plenty of new-found confidence on how to use the system!).


Endeavor Air Fun Facts

  • The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines (who knew??)
  • Endeavor Air runs 154 regional jets on more than 800 flights each day
  • The airline sends its planes over 130 cities across North America
  • Endeavor Air headquarters are located in Minneapolis, MN
  • Additional hubs are located in Atlanta, Detroit, and New York City

Employees who need help logging into Endeavor Air Net can clicking the Login Help link to bring up a brief FAQ.  The FAQ provides instructions on how change a password along with parameters for creating one.

Employees who need additional assistance can bring up a live chat-sesh by clicking the link found at the bottom of the portal.  After clicking the link, employees must provide a brief description of what’s needed before receiving help.  In addition to the live chat, the portal also provides numbers for the Help Desk (404-714-4357 and 888-714-0529).

Endeavor Air Headquarters

  • 7500 Airline Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55450-1101