EZ Pay Primerica Online Payments




  • Customers from the United States and Canada can make online payments
  • You’ll need your account number handy to pay your premium
  • A sample of your policy document is available for guidance
  • Click an option at www.ezpay.primerica.com to get started


Needless to say, making an payment on time is something we all strive for. That said, such an important task needs to be as simple as possible.

While this can be a pain point for some vendors, Primerica has all bases covered. For instance, you can take care of your premium payment online in just a few minutes using a debit or credit card at EZ Pay Primerica.

In order to get started you’ll need to first confirm whether you’re a United States or Canadian customer. Once you do so, you’ll be able to follow a simple process to get your payment in on time. Here’s a handy little step by step guide!





Easy Payment Guide – www.ezpay.primerica.com


  1. First enter your account number (this is also known as your policy number)
  2. Next, go ahead and type in your zip code before hitting the Look up button
  3. Once you find your policy you can add your payment method

By the way, there is a small convenience fee associated with debit or credit card payments (not charged by Primerica). While it’s not an exuberant amount, you’ll need to fork over $2.95 to finished the transaction. Ugh.

Please note that payments made on or after the due date won’t stop the policy from lapsing. Additionally, payments made before 4 PM EST at www.ezpay.primerica.com will be updated the following business day.


Consumer Tip: Consider making your payments a few days in advance so you’re not stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Final Review & Contact Info – www.ezpayprimerica.com


Paying online is always the fastest way to take care of your premium. Regardless of whether you’re using a credit or debit card you’ll be able to complete the transaction in a mere matter of minutes. Who’s got time to waste nowadays?

While we’re not thrilled with the processing fee, this seems like a small price to pay for a fast and simple premium payment. Would you rather fill out a bill and send it by mail? We think not!


EZ Pay Primerica Toll-Free Phone Number

Questions about your payment? Call 800-257-4725 for assistance!