Feet Back Survey – Deichmann Customer Feedback


www.feetback.co.uk survey


  • Upon completion of the survey you’ll be entered for a chance to win £300
  • You’ll need a few tidbits of information from your purchase receipt
  • Review the sample receipt for direction on how to get started
  • Begin by clicking the button at www.feetback.co.uk

It’s not every day you get a chance to haul in £300. Well consider today your lucky day! If you’ve recently made a purchase at Deichmanns you can complete a brief online survey about how the visit went.

In exchange for the feedback, you’ll be entered into a Prize Draw for a chance to win £300. Talk about showing some love for the customer!

At any rate, the survey is no sweat. All you’ll need is your receipt to get the ball rolling. Here’s how.


Survey Guide & Tips at www.feetback.co.uk


First things first, enter your 4 digit shown number as shown on the receipt.

Now go ahead and pop in the date and time of the purchase.

Once you enter the required information enter the transaction number you can take the Feet Back survey for a chance to win £300.

By the way, you can also review the Feet Back survey’s terms and privacy by clicking the link at the bottom of www.feetback.co.uk.


Pro Tip: Feeling lost? Confused? Make sure to reference the sample receipt to find out where all of the above information is located!



www.feetback.co.uk for a chance to win £300


Important Rules of the Prize Draw at www.feetback.co.uk


  1. No multiple entries allowed! You can only enter the draw once per month.
  2. Sorry Deichmann employees, this draw is off limits for you!
  3. There is only 1 £300 prize per month (hopefully you come away with it!)
  4. You must reside within the United Kingdom to enter the draw
  5. Please note the prize comes in the form of a gift card


By the way, winners will receive an email to notify them of their prize. In order to receive the £300 you must respond to the email within 12 working days. Hey, if you snooze you LOSE! And let’s face it, nobody likes to lose so be sure to check that email!

Please note that you can review the full rules at www.feetback.co.uk. They’re almost two pages long so be sure to set a few minutes aside if you want to read all of it.


Is Deichmann’s Feet Back survey worth it?


Look at it this way, how often do you get the chance to win a whopping £300? Exactly. Sure it’s not an amount that’s going to pay off your car loan. However, the prize will certainly net you a pair of high quality shoes. Possibly even two pairs!

Additionally, it’s not like the survey is going to be a time suck. You’ll be able to finish it in a few minutes and promptly get back to whatever else you were doing. Once you’ve provided your feedback all you’ll need to do is sit back, relax, and hope that £300 prize comes your way.

And guess what? If you don’t win you can always try again by taking another survey after your next visit to Deichmann’s!


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Further, your card will not be charged until your item has been sent.

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