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Fox Sports Roku Device Activation:  Here’s How

  • Viewers will need to enter the code from their TV screen
  • The system requires cable provider login to proceed
  • A Frequently Asked Questions list is available


When it comes time to settle in and watch some high-flying sports action, many viewers turn to Fox.  While a large number of these viewers are tuning into the actually station, many are also firing up the Fox Sports Go app.  One of the most popular ways viewers accomplish the latter is through use of a Roku device.  For this reason, Fox has come up with a simple Roku device activation process.  Viewers who need to activate a Roku can begin by entering the code shown on their TV.  Once the code has been entered, the viewer can then login to their cable provider account to complete the device activation.

What should I watch after I activate my Fox Sports Roku device?

  • National Football League – Another season of exciting gridiron action is in full swing
  • Major League Baseball – There’s no need to miss any home run, strikeout, or double play
  • National Hockey League – Get caught up in the excitement as teams begin to find form
  • NASCAR – Fans can watch their favorite drivers compete anytime and from anywhere
  • College Football – Find out which teams will end up in this year’s four team playoff

In addition to a simple activation process, Fox Sports also offers easy to access user support.  For instance, users who need assistance with Fox Sports Roku device activation can click the Help button to bring up an extensive FAQ section.  Once inside the FAQs, the user can search by keyword or relevant categories.  Additionally, the activation page also provides quick links for live TV, replays, and highlights.

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