Green Dot Document Upload For Prepaid Visa

Green Dot Document Upload:  How to Begin

  • Cardholders can enter a card number to begin the upload
  • Green Dot provide a Frequently Asked Questions list
  • Cardholders can call toll-free for customer service
  • Get started at

Let’s face it, everyone wants to feel secure when sending important documents online.  Thankfully, many companies now offer a safe and easy way for this to be done.  For instance, Green Dot customers can now send items through the convenient and secure Green Dot Document Upload portal.

In order to use the portal, customers will first need to enter their 16 digit card number.  Once the customer enters the card number they can go ahead and click the Continue button to proceed.  When uploading documents taken by camera, customers should make sure the photo is clear (hold those hands steady when snapping the pic!).


Benefits of Choosing Green Dot

  • Cardholders can snag their pay up to 2 days before normal payday (yes please!)
  • The debit card provides 5% cash back on purchases (get up to $100 back each year)
  • Green Dot customers are not subject to overdraft or bounced check fees (thanks!)
  • The Green Dot 5% Cash Back Visa Debit Card is sold at stores across the country

While taking the photo of the document, customers should also try to use a dark surface with good lighting.  Green Dot will go over the documents upon receipt and will follow up with the customer once they complete the review at


A Few More Notes on Green Dot

  • Customers can send money to friends and family (a fast and convenient process)
  • Cardholders can receive certain benefits 2 days faster when using direct deposit
  • The Green Dot debit card provides the ability to receive tax returns via direct deposit

Customers with questions about the Green Dot Document Upload Center can try calling 866-795-7597 for over the phone assistance.  In addition to help by phone, Green Dot also provides an extensive FAQ section at its homepage.


Green Dot Mailing Address

  • PO Box 5100, Pasadena, CA 91117


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  1. Find you upload my ID so I can use my Green Dot credit card keeps on saying my email is improper password is on top I’m typing in the workbook everything else f****** typing there it keeps on telling me I’m typing in the wrong information

  2. Someone change my phone number and email address
    I need to get different card sent to me,,,I never got my first card yet,,,don’t know where it went too,,,,
    Case # 47719179
    I’d like to talk to someone but I can’t get thou,,, without 16digit number I don’t have
    Please help me I need my funds,,,as, soon as possible,,, green dot

  3. You’ve asked me to upload an ID. Which is fine. Please provide me with detailed instructions on how to do that.
    There are no instructions on this site that I could find!!!!!’

  4. I’m having a problem with my card I have not been able to speak to anyone customer service on the phone or by email chat it is very hard to contact anyone when you don’t answer the phone or give a option to chat with someone as a green card holder as a multiple card holder of Green Dot cards I am very unsatisfied

  5. It won’t let me to my card end with zero can’t work how do I get my money out because I’m not very happy. Can’t talk to a real person. What kind bank is this

  6. I have tried 3 times to submit my ID to get access to my money and it tells me it no legiable so I need how else can I verify it

  7. The upload of my card will not go through when i put my card number in it commes back saying this. Cannot be less than zero
    Parementer name length.
    I dont understand this

  8. I’ve turned in my id and now just waiting on a call.The lady who took my information told me they would get a hold of my last Friday or this past Monday.No so far nothing

  9. I’m trying to unblock my card from restrictions but it want let me. Every time I try to put in the credit card number it keep saying length cannot be less than zero and parameter name:length. I need help to to get the restrictions off thank you.

  10. Lost my card . been sending my id so i can get a new card ive been doing this for 6 mon and its not being exepted by the verify my docs website . please help??

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