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HGTV Dream Holiday Sweepstakes:  Quick Online Entry

  • Participants can enter an email address to begin
  • The sweepstakes provides an online copy of its rules


When it comes to entering a sweepstakes most would agree the faster the better.  As a matter of fact, a sweepstakes that can be entered in less than a minute is preferable.  As luck would have it, Wayfair’s Dream Home for the Holidays Sweepstakes appears to be one of these (sounds like a Before & After puzzle from Wheel of Fortune).  The sweepstakes allows for a quick online entry process by only requiring the participant to enter an email address.  Once the email address is entered, the participant can click the Get Started button to proceed with the entry.

Prizes Available in the HGTV Dream Holiday Sweepstakes

  • The Grand Prize is a $2,500 gift card (just one Grand Prize is available)
  • In addition to the lone Grand Prize there are a number of Daily Prizes
  • The Daily Prizes are all gift cards (the Daily Prizes vary in terms of value)
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of all available prizes comes to $10,000
  • Unlike the Kit Kat Coffee Breaks Game, there is no Instant Win Prizes

In addition to an easy entry process, the sweepstakes also offers easy access to its rules.  Participants who wish to take a look at the rules can simply click the Rules link to bring up the online copy embedded at the entry page.  Within the rules a full list of Daily Prizes is available under section 12 (includes the value of each gift card).

Participants are limited to one entry per day per person for each day that the sweepstakes is open.  Further, there is also a limit of 1 Daily Prize per person.  There is no limit on the amount of Grand Prizes that can be won as there is only 1 available!.

Speaking of the Grand Prize, the sweepstakes will conduct a random drawing to determine the winner around December 27th, 2018.  Additionally, whoever wins the Grand Prize should be on the ball as it will be forfeited if the winner cannot be contacted within 3 days.

HGTV Dream Holiday Sweepstakes Sponsor

  • Home & Garden Television
  • 9721 Sherrill Boulevard
  • Knoxville, Tennessee 37932


  • www.hgtv.com/dreamholiday

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