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Home Serve Heart Sweepstakes:  How to Enter

  • Participants must first select a room of the house to makeover
  • The sweepstakes requires participants to complete an entry form
  • An online copy of the Official Rules of the contest is available


Let’s face it, most homeowners could stand to spruce up at least one room in their home.  However, one lucky homeowner will be doing much more than sprucing up thanks to the Home is Where the Heart is Sweepstakes.  The sweepstakes is now active and is set to reward the Grand Prize winner with $10,000 to go towards a complete makeover of an entire room.  In order to enter, participants must first choose which room to makeover at the online entry page.  Once the room is selected, the participant can then proceed to complete the entry form.

Serving Up the Details of the Home Serve Heart Sweepstakes

  • The contest runs for over 2 months beginning on January 14th and ending on March 31st
  • Whoever wins will receive a check in the amount of $10,000 for the room makeover
  • There is a limit of 1 entry per person per email address per day (get as many as you can!)
  • The sweepstakes does not offer any secondary prizes (basically an “all or nothing” sweeps)

By the way, the participant must confirm their homeowner status as part of the registration process (state whether you own a home, rent, or in the market to buy).  Once the registration form is complete, the participant can choose whether or not they want to receive emails from Home Serve prior to hitting the Enter button (not a bad idea for those want some helpful tips for around the house).

Final Thoughts on the Home Serve Heart Sweepstakes

  • The sweepstakes offers a great prize that many people could use (too bad there’s only 1!)
  • Given the popularity of home remodeling TV shows, this is sure to be a trendy sweeps
  • The multiple entry rule allows the real go-getters to increase their odds of winning
  • Offers a much more valuable Grand Prize than the recently reviewed Tide Sweepstakes

In addition to the check for $10,000, the Grand Prize winner will also receive a phone consultation from Jenn Largesse of House One.  Plus, the Grand Prize also includes a room design plan created by the House One Team.  Those who want to check out the full details of the promotion can do so by clicking the Official Rules link at the bottom of the entry page.

Online Entry

  • www.homeserveheart.com

Time to enter another sweepstakes!


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