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Resuming an HSBC Business Application at www.hsbc.co.uk/retrieveapplication

  • An application reference number is needed
  • Frequently Asked Questions are provided
  • HSCB contact information is available

Anyone who has ever filled out a banking application likely knows the process can take some time.  With that being said, it’s a good thing they don’t always have to be completed in just one sitting.  For instance, those who have initiated an application for an HSBC business banking account can pick up where they left off by going to www.hsbc.co.uk/retrieveapplication.  Upon arrival the page it will be necessary to first enter a 15 digit application reference number followed by an email address before clicking the Continue button to find the unfinished application.  Those who have no idea what their reference number is can enter the email address used to begin the application to have it sent.


More on Business Banking with HSBC

  • A Company House registration number is needed to open a Limited Company
  • Minimum payments on commercial cards are 1.5% of the total amount owed
  • Copies of transactions made on a commercial card are available upon request
  • Business accounts may be linked with personal accounts for making transfers
  • Accounts can be closed by sending a written request to a local HSBC branch

Many questions about business banking with HSBC can be answered by typing a question into the field provided at www.hsbc.co.uk/retrieveapplication before clicking the Ask Andrew button to pull up an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions.  In the event “Andrew” is short on answers, 0800 633 5610 can be called between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday for further assistance (it’s pretty hard to stump Andrew though!).


Customers who need to cancel a credit card can contact HSBC 24 hours a day at 03456 007 010 to make a cancellation request (the request should be made IMMEDIATELY for lost or stolen cards).  Questions about a transaction on a commercial card statement can be addressed by calling the HSBC Commercial Credit Cards Team.

Commercial Credit Cards Team Phone Number

  • 03456 076 434


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