Jimmy John’s Gift Card Balance Checks

  • You’ll need your gift card’s number and its security code
  • The system also requires a 5 digit Business ID number
  • Directions on where to find the required numbers are available
  • Start at www.jimmyjohns.com/giftcard

When you have a gift card capable of getting you delicious sandwiches from Jimmy John’s, chances are you’ll want to have a firm grasp on HOW MUCH you can buy.  That’s where the Jimmy John’s gift card balance check system comes into play.  In order to check a balance, you’ll first need to enter your gift card number (this is the VERY long 19 digit number found on the back of your card).  Once you’ve entered the card number, enter the 5 numbers located at the hyphen (also known as the Business ID).  Finally, you’ll need to type in your gift card security code before you can check your balance (this one’s also on the back of the card but only 3 digits long).

Sandwiches to Buy With Your Jimmy John ‘s Gift Card

  • The Italian Night Club – It just very well may be the best sandwich EVER created
  • Gargantuan – A MASSIVE sandwich featuring 5 different types of savory meats
  • Country Club – Can go toe to toe with any sandwich found at an actual country club
  • Club Tuna – Take to the seas with this tasty option loaded with omega 3 fatty acids
  • Turkey Tom – Plenty of turkey along with some lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise

By the way, the Jimmy John’s gift card balance check system provides instructions on where to find the 3 numbers you’ll need to check your balance.  To find this information, simply hover your mouse over the question mark icons located next to each field.

In addition to looking up your balance, you can also reload a card if needed.  To do so, simply type in the same 3 numbers required to check your balance before clicking the Reload Card button to proceed.

Jimmy John’s Customer Service Number

  •  866-276-6302

Check your Balance or Reload Your Card

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