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Playing the Kit Kat Coffee Breaks Game

  • Participants must register online before playing the game
  • The promotion will instantly show results of each play
  • Participants can read the Official Rules before playing


It’s hard to argue against immediate results.  Especially when quick cash is on the line.  Therefore, most will likely find the Kit Kat Break Time Game difficult to resist.  The game is now activate and will be awarding cash prizes to those who make a winning play.  However, before any winning can take place, participants will first need to register.  In order to register it will first be necessary to enter a date of birth.  Once the participant enters their date of birth they will need to click the Next button to enter an email address and submit the registration.

A Closer Look at the Kit Kat Coffee Breaks Game

  • The game stays open throughout the remainder of 2018 (closes on New Year’s Eve)
  • Participants have a chance at a Grand Prize, First Prize, Second Prize, or Third Prize
  • The total Approximate Retail Value of all prizes stacks up to a whopping $45,000
  • There is a limit of 1 play per participant per day throughout the promotion period
  • There does not appear to be mail-in entry (unlike the Pizza Hut Pepsi Sweeps)

As far as prize value is concerned, each of the 100 Grand Prizes are worth $50 while each of the 500 First Prizes are valued at $20.  Additionally, the 1,000 Second Prizes are worth $10 each while the 4,000 Third Prizes are each valued at $5.  Participants who plan on winning should have a PayPal account as each of the prizes are a PayPal Reward.

In addition to limitations on the amount of plays, the promotion also limits the number of prizes that can be won.  For instance, participants may only win up to 3 prizes per person per household.  Those who are lucky enough to win a prize will receive notice via email.  Once notified of the win, participants should expect to receive the prize within 6 to 8 weeks.

Kit Kat Coffee Breaks Game Sponsor

  • The Hershey Company
  • 100 Crystal A Dr.
  • Hershey, PA 17033


  • www.KitKatCoffeeBreaks.com

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