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Using the Lake View Loan Servicing My Loan Care Portal

  • New users can register for online account access
  • Existing users can login to manage a mortgage
  • The portal provides Frequently Asked Questions

Most borrowers want an easy way to manage their loan online.  Fortunately, there are places like the Lake View Loan Servicing My Loan Care portal that are more than happy to oblige.  Borrowers who need online access to an account can begin by going to the portal and clicking the Not Registered? link.  After clicking the link, the system requires the new user to enter a loan number, SSN or Tax ID, User ID, password, and email address to proceed with the registration process.  In addition to signing up for account access, new users are also given the opportunity to sign up to receive notice of new features, updates, and special offers.


The Ins and Outs of the Lake View Loan Servicing My Loan Care Portal

  • The Transaction Activity section will show whether any fees have been charged
  • Borrowers can see the latest statement under the View Current eStatement link
  • The portal provides FREE auto draft payments (the most convenient way to pay)
  • Borrowers can review a guide offered by the portal to help understand statements

After registration, the user can enter a User ID or Loan Number along with an account password to gain access to the portal.  Borrowers who have forgotten their login credentials can click the links located beneath the login fields to begin the account recovery.  Please note that the portal requires a Loan Number for both User ID and password recovery.

Borrowers can change the language by clicking the link posted at the top right hand side of the page.  In addition to the language tool, the portal also provides a link for borrowers who received a servicing transfer notice.  In order to obtain a new account number, the borrower must enter the previous loan number.

Borrowers with questions about the Lake View Loan Servicing My Loan Care portal can try reviewing the FAQs section.  In addition to the FAQs, borrowers can try calling customer service at 800-274-6600.

Lake View Loan Servicing My Loan Care Payments Address

  • PO Box 37628, Philadelphia, PA 19101-0628


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