Liptai Class Settlement:  Filing for Payment

  • The settlement provides easy online claim filing
  • Class Members can also file their claims by mail
  • The Settlement Administrator is available for help

When it comes down to it, most consumers just want a product that can live up to its advertising claims.  While such a situation is certainly ideal, sometimes products fall a bit short of customer expectations.  For example, the Plaintiffs in the case titled Liptai v. Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc., et al. seem to believe they received the short end of the stick when purchasing certain Black & Decker and Faberware branded products.  The lawsuit alleges that the Defendants misled the plaintiffs by making it seem products were manufactured and warranted by these two companies even though they were not.  Class Members who wish to receive payment can begin by going to the Liptai Class Settlement page and clicking the File Online Claim tab.

Key Facts of the Liptai Class Settlement

  • The settlement provides partial refunds of up to $4 (depends on the number of claims)
  • Class Members must submit their claim forms no later than February 28th, 2019
  • January 14th, 2019 is the deadline for Class Members to object or request exclusion
  • The date on which the Final Approval Hearing will take place is March 22nd, 2018

In addition to the previously mentioned allegations, the suit goes on to claim the coffee makers sold by the Defendants did not make a full 8 fluid ounces per cup claimed on the packaging.  While on the topic of the products, it should be noted that they must have been purchased between February 5, 2014 and October 19, 2018 to be covered by the settlement.

A Few Final Notes on the Liptai Class Settlement

  • Class Members who don’t take action will receive ZERO settlement payment
  • The Defendants deny wrongdoing and the court has not made a final ruling
  • Both sides agree to settle to avoid the time and expenses of continued litigation
  • Not an Alternative Dispute Resolution (like the TU Public Record Settlement ADR)

Class Members who decide to file by mail must make sure the correspondence is post-marked no later than the filing deadline of February 28th, 2018.  In the same way, exclusion requests must be post-marked by January 14th, 2019.  Class Members must send both claim forms and exclusions directly to the Settlement Administrator.  In addition to the filing, the Settlement Administrator can help answers questions.

Settlement Administrator Contact Information

  • 8001 Broadway, Suite 200, Merrillville, IN 46410
  • 877-342-0827


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