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Think you’re made for the Super Bowl?  Then Keep Reading.

  • The Made for Super Bowl promotion includes guaranteed rewards and a sweepstakes
  • Participants can collect rewards by purchasing select Frito Lay or Pepsi products


Every so often a promotion arrives that pretty much guarantees success to those willing to put in the effort.  For example, the new Made for Super Bowl promotion from Frito Lay is set to dole out some cool stuff to those who collect promo codes found on participating products.  To get an idea of how the promotion works, one need only imagine a football field.  Each of the product codes are good for a certain amount of “yards”.  Once the player collects 100 yards they will have the option to take the reward from Tier 1.  However, if the player chooses to keep going they can continue to collect enough yards to cash in on the lucrative Tier 6 reward (basically spend the yards how you see fit!).

Hold up a sec….what are the rewards??

  • Level 1 – A $5 NFL Shop coupon code (we’d likely save the yards for another tier)
  • The 2nd Tier – 20% off a purchase of $50 or more at the NFL Shop (let’s keep going)
  • Half Way There– A $15 gift code for Fathead (the decision to save or spend gets harder)
  • Over the Hill – Participants earn a $30 Sirius XM prepaid subscription card (very nice)
  • Closing In – How about a $50 Sirius XM card instead?? (hold out for the speaker!)
  • Tier 6 Mountain Top – A Bose Micro Bluetooth Mini Speaker (you’ve arrived at the apex)

In addition to the rewards, it’s well worth mentioning that participants will receive 1 entry to a sweepstakes each time they enter a code.  At the end of the promotion, a drawing will be held to choose two winners, each of whom will receive a trip to next year’s Super Bowl (hence the title of the promotion).

Key Facts on the Made for Super Bowl Promotion

  • The promotion runs about a month from January 2nd, 2019 to February 3rd, 2019
  • Participants can only receive up to 40 entries to the drawing for a Super Bowl trip
  • The full list of products are located within the Official Rules of the promotion
  • We like it much better than the Kit Kat Coffee Breaks promotion

While on the topic of products, it should be pointed out that Pepsi products do not contain codes.  Alternatively, participants who enter with a Pepsi product must upload a photo of their receipt to gain entry.  By the way, participants can earn FREE entries to the sweepstakes by sending a request to the below address.

Made for Super Bowl Promotion Free Entry Address

  • PO Box 650023, Department 865-7011
  • El Paso, TX 88565-0023

Enter Your Codes and Receipts Here

  • www.madeforsuperbowl.com

Time for another Pepsi promotion?





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