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How to Enter the Martha Stewart Grocery 19 Giveaway

  • Participants must have an email address to complete the entry
  • The contest offers a variety of optional communications
  • Participants can review the FAQs for more information


As if the recently released Treasure Cave Winning Crumbles sweepstakes weren’t enough, another grocery contest is upon us.  The $2,500 Grocery Sweepstakes from Martha Stewart Magazine is now live and set to reward a cool $2,500 to the Grand Prize winner.  In order to enter, participants must first enter an email address at the online registration page.  Once the registration is completed, the participant will receive 1 entry to the sweepstakes.  By the way, the sweepstakes allows for daily entries so stopping by tomorrow to enter again might be a good idea!

Reasons to Enter Martha Stewart Grocery 19 Giveaway

  • $2,500 sure could buy plenty of groceries (treat yourself to some name brands!)
  • Time is not an issue as the sweepstakes lasts for nearly 3 months (ends March 31st)
  • Location is also not an issue as the sweepstakes is open to residents of all 50 states
  • Finally, it’s always nice to have something long-term to look forward to!

While signing up for the sweepstakes, participants will be presented with a variety of communications to sign up for.  Those who wish to opt in can check the boxes located next to the desired offers.  Meanwhile, those who want nothing to do with the offers should make sure all boxes are left blank.

Getting a Firmer Grip on the Martha Stewart Grocery 19 Giveaway

  • The sweepstakes will hold the Grand Prize drawing around 2-3 weeks after the close
  • Whoever wins will find out by the email address or mailing address provided at entry
  • Participants cannot use a PO Box address when signing up for the sweepstakes

Please note, that the sweepstakes provides a full online copy of its Official Rules.  In addition to the rules, participants can also review a brief list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.  Participants can review both the rules and FAQs by clicking the links located at the entry page.

Martha Stewart Grocery 19 Giveaway Sponsor

  • www.marthastewart.com/grocery19

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