How to activate your card at

  • Customers will need the code located on the SIM card
  • Customers can login to activate a replacement SIM
  • Mint Mobile provides apps for starter kit activation

Talking on the phone is one of the nation’s great pastimes.  However, sometimes customers need to put in a little leg work before settling in for a talk-sesh.  For instance, Mint Mobile customers may need to activate their SIM card before making the first call.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Mint Mobile makes this process as easy as possible with its online activation page.  To begin with an activation, customers must first find the 11 digit code located on the back of the SIM card.  Once the code is found it can be entered before clicking the Start or Resume Activation button to proceed.


A Fresh Look at Mint Mobile

  • Customers can choose from 2 GB, 5 GB, or 10 GB monthly plans (a nice coverall!)
  • Mint allows customers to use current devices for service (bring your own phone!)
  • All plans have a sweet 7 day money back guarantee (take the guess-work out)
  • Mint Mobile customers can enjoy the benefits of a fast nationwide 4G LTE network

Customers who need to activate a $5 starter kit can begin by downloading one of the available apps at the Mint Mobile Activate page.  On the other hand, customers who need to activate a replacement SIM for an existing account can do so by logging in with a phone number and password.  Once logged in, the Account Management section can be visited to activate the SIM.

Customers in need of assistance can try watching one of the three available instructional videos (or all three for that matter!).  In addition to the videos, customers can also use the live chat feature for further assistance.  Finally, those who prefer over the phone assistance can try reaching out to Mint Mobile customer support.

Customer Support for

  • 213-372-7777 (available 7 days a week from 5 AM to 7 PM PT)


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