My Duke Chart:  How to Enter

  • The portal requires a username and password to enter
  • New users must sign up for an account to gain access
  • Duke customer service is available by toll-free phone

Quick access to medical information is practically a must in this day and age.  Therefore, many providers have set up easy-to-use online portals to help expedite this increasing demand.  For example, Duke patients can now gain instant access to records and other account information at the Duke My Chart portal.  In order to gain access, it will first be necessary for the patient to sign up for an account.  While registration is fairly clear-cut, it should be pointed out that an Activation Code is needed.  Once the patient enters their Access Code and date of birth they can click the Next button to finish signing up for access to the portal.

Why should I bother signing up at

  • Patients can schedule and cancel appointments (better than using the phone!)
  • Communications within the portal are secure (keep the personal info personal)
  • Patients can use the portal to request renewals of their medical prescriptions
  • The portal makes it possible for users to manage the account of a loved one

Once the user has signed up for the portal they can go ahead and login with their username and password.  Those who have lost or forgotten a username or password can click the links found below the login fields to begin the recovery process.  Patients should be prepared to enter a date of birth when recovering both a username or password.

My Duke Chart:  Some Things to Remember

  • The Activation Code will be shown on your enrollment letter (so don’t throw it away!)
  • Visit notes after February 1st, 2016 will be available (just login and see what they say)
  • Test results are released to the system 1 business day after they have been recorded
  • Some would argue that it’s even easier to use than Omnicare Statement Management

Those with questions about the portal can try clicking the FAQs link at the bottom of the page to pull up a MASSIVE list of Frequently Asked Questions (along with their corresponding answers of course!).  In addition to the FAQs, the portal also provides links to download its app at the bottom of the page.  By the way, patients who lost their Activation Code can call Duke customer service between 8 AM and 5 PM ET Monday through Friday.

Duke Customer Service Number

  • 800-782-6945 (Toll-Free)
  • 919-620-4555 (Local)


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