My Health Plan-Finance Response


  • You’ll need to fill out a brief online form to claim your funds
  • Frequently Asked Questions are available for review
  • The system requires an electronic signature
  • You can submit multiple check claims at once
  • Start at


Money that is rightfully YOURS and somehow isn’t in your bank account is a dreadful thought. A dreadful thought indeed.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to put those funds back where they belong. In your pocket! And no it’s not driving down to the local state treasury. There’s an easier, more cost efficient, and less nerve racking way. Additionally, you can do it all from the convenience of your home. YES PLEASE.

Anyways, here’s a slick step by step guide on how you can reclaim your money. Trust us, your money misses you. Don’t let it go another day wondering how long it will take to get back in the comforts of your cozy bank account!



Claiming Your Funds at


  1. Enter the payee name and your relationship to the payee
  2. Once you’ve entered the payee type in the check number, account number, and amount
  3. Fill out the contact information section (mailing address 2 is optional)
  4. Check the certification box and add your electronic signature as well as the date

And just like that, you’re one step closer to that glorious reunion with your parted cash! That wasn’t so bad was it? Seems like the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

By the way, you can claim up to 8 checks at once when filing the form. In order to do so, simply click the plus icon below the check entry fields. This is an amazing feat

Please note that you’ll need to enter at least one check claim before you can add additional entries. Once you add a claim, simply hit the plus icon to go ahead and add another. Might as well knock them all out at once if possible!



Credit Card Depo Recommends: Save the mailing notice for your records in the event that the funds don’t show up in a timely manner!!



FAQ Highlights at


Make sure you send your My Health Plan-Finance Response before the deadline listed on the mailing! If you fail to do so your hard earned cash will get sent to the state treasurer.  No bueno.

While this is rare, your name may appear different on the form in the event you’ve had a recent name change. In this case be sure to fill out the form and send it via mail rather than online. It may not be an ideal situation but those extra funds far outweigh the cost of postage and a little hard work!

In addition, people that have changed their name and folks with power of attorney will also need to send the form via mail. This also applies if you’re completing the form on someone’s behalf. Hey, we all know snail mail can be a hassle. But isn’t it worth it for that juicy refund?? We thought so!



My Health Plan-Finance Response Final Thoughts & Review


This a a super convenient way for consumers to be reunited with their long lost moolah. And who doesn’t like that?? Just think about it. If it’s YOUR money, shouldn’t it be in YOUR wallet? We think so.

In addition to the easy online submission, the fact that you can claim up to 8 checks all at once makes this a no-brainer. However, even if you had to submit each claim separately, it’d still be worth it it. Afterall, it’s extra dough in the bank! Either way, it’s hard to find a good reason not to take advantage of this online cash-generating tool.

By the way, you can view the FAQs in their entirety at