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Getting Started with My Honda Connect

  • First time users must register for online access
  • Honda retirees must use a separate login screen
  • Users can download a troubleshooting guide


No matter what the company, all employees deserve an easy way to connect to job related information online.  Fortunately, Honda employees can do so using the My Honda Connect portal.  Employees can begin by first registering for an account.  In order to complete registration, the system requires the user to complete a brief online form.  Once the user has completed registration they can gain access to the portal by entering a username and account password.  Users who are having problems getting into an account can click the recovery links posted below the login fields.

My Honda Connect Recovery Options

  • Users can enter a birth year, last name, and employee ID to recover a username
  • The portal allows users to recover a password by entering a username or email
  • Users can cancel the recovery process by clicking the Return to Login link
  • Employees who transferred companies before 09/28/2018 must register again

In addition to current employees, the portal also provides Honda retirees with account access.  Honda retirees can gain access by clicking the appropriate link to bring up a new portal run by Quantum Health.  Employees with questions about My Honda Connect can try downloading the troubleshooting guide by clicking the link posted at the bottom of the portal.

Honda: Looking to the Future

  • Honda is striving to reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% by 2020
  • The company has a goal to have 75% of its cars to use electric by 2030
  • Honda wants to cut its CO2 emissions in half by 2050 (green it up!)

Employees who are still having problems getting into an account after trying the recovery options and reviewing the guide can try calling for additional support (or just skip the self-help options and go straight to the phone!).

My Honda Connect Support

  • 937-645-8393 (select option 2)


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