My Krispy Kreme Feedback Survey UK

  • Customers must provide a receipt code to begin the survey
  • The survey provides a copy of its Terms and Privacy Policy
  • Participants can reference a sample image of a receipt

For most Krispy Kreme customers, feedback is second nature.  Fortunately, customers can now stopping bugging their co-workers with their daily doughnut critiques by putting their thoughts into something more constructive like the My Krispy Kreme Feedback Survey.  In order to launch the survey, customers must first enter the code found on their purchase receipt.  Once the customer enters the code they can go ahead and click the Start button to begin the survey (it should only take a few minutes so sit back, relax and enjoy the moment!).


A Look at the Krispy Kreme Menu

  • Original Glazed Doughnut – One bite and you’ll see why it’s called Krispy Kreme
  • Strawberries & Kreme – A tried and true combo that works great on a doughnut
  • Chocolate Custard – It’s always nice to uncover a gooey treat in the middle
  • Salted Caramel Cheesecake – Just take a bite to find what all the fuss is about

By the way, participants who are having a hard time locating the survey code can find its exact location by taking a look at the sample receipt image posted at the right hand side of the survey.  While referencing the image, customers should focus on the bottom portion where the code will be shown in red highlight.

Reasons to Participate at

  • Based on the sample receipt, it appears customers may get a FREE doughnut
  • It looks like it’s just as easy to take as the Next Loves to Listen Survey
  • Many times businesses make changes based on customer opinions

Finally, it should be pointed out that customers can review a copy of the survey’s Terms of Service by clicking the link located at the bottom right hand side of the page.  In addition to the Terms of Service, the survey also provides a copy of its Privacy Policy.  Meanwhile, those with general questions can try contacting the Krispy Kreme Customer Care Team.


Krispy Kreme Customer Care Team

  • 01489 576100


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