Entering My Siemens Benefits:  Login Process

  • A User ID and password are needed to enter the portal
  • New users must register for an account before logging in
  • Login credential recovery available at www.mysiemensbenefits.com

As with any online portal, My Siemens Benefits requires that a login ID (such as a username, email address, or User ID) and account password be entered to gain access.  Once both pieces of information have been entered the sign in process can be completed simply by tapping the Log On button.  Please note that in the event a My Siemens Benefits User ID or  password has been lost or forgotten, a date of birth and last 4 digits of a SSN can be entered to begin the online account recovery process.


Those who have yet to sign up for an account can click the New User? link to begin the account creation process.  After clicking the  link the last 4 digits of a SSN along with a date of birth can be entered to begin creating an account.  Once the account has been successfully created the user can return to the My Siemens Benefits login screen to sign in using the newly created login credentials.

A Broad Overview of Siemens

  • The company was founded nearly 2 centuries ago back in 1847
  • Employs more than 350,000 individuals world wide (STUNNING)
  • Focuses on electrical engineering and product manufacturing
  • Reported over 83 BILLION in revenues in fiscal year 2017
  • Based in Germany but also has offices located across the globe

Those with questions about login or account recovery process can try clicking the Help? link located beneath the login fields at www.mysiemensbenefits.com.  In addition to the FAQs the Need Help? box can be clicked to access the My Siemens Benefits virtual assistance (just ask it a question and see what happens!).  Those who strike out with the FAQs and the virtual assistance can try reaching out to the Siemens Benefits Service Center for further assistance.

Siemens Benefits Service Center

  • 800-392-7495
  • 847-883-0676 (outside of the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada)