My Tenneco Benefits Center:  Let’s Get Started

  • Existing users can login with a User ID and password
  • Special login process is available for first time users
  • Over the phone technical support is available
  • Password recovery help available at

Easy online management is basically a must when it comes to something as important as health and welfare benefits.  Fortunately, those who rely on the My Tenneco Benefits Center will receive just that.  Those who need to access an account can enter by simply keying in a User ID along with an account password before clicking the Sign In button.  In addition to a simple login process, the My Tenneco Benefits Center also offers a simple password reset feature that can be accessed by clicking the Forgot password? link.  After clicking the link a User ID, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of a SSN must be entered to look up the previously established security question.

Tenneco:  A Quick Study

  • Publicly traded over the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol TEN
  • Focused on producing ideas for cleaner air and transportation improvements
  • Does business through 92 manufacturing facilities and 15 technical centers
  • Provides jobs to more than 32,000 employees (that’s a lot of pay checks!)

Users who suddenly recall an account password can click the Previous button to back out of the reset process and return to the My Teneco Benefits Center login screen.  It should be pointed out that first time users should enter a date of birth in the password field.  After logging in at new users will be asked to change the password to one of their choosing (the stronger the better!).

Please note that the My Teneco Benefits Center works best with one of the following 3 browsers:  Internet Explorer (9 or higher), Firefox (30 or higher), and Chrome.  Users who are experience technical difficulties should check to make sure an updated version of one of the compatible browsers is installed (could be an easy fix).  If technical issues persist 877-436-3409 can be called for further assistance.

Tenneco World Headquarters Contact Information

  • 500 North Field Dr,
  • Lake Forest, Illinois 60045
  • Phone – 847-482-5000
  • Fax- 847-482-5940