Navihealth Quick Case:  How to Pick Up Your New Patient Referral

  • You’ll need to enter your referral code to begin
  • In addition to the referral code, you’ll need a PIN Code
  • Agreement to the Terms & Conditions is necessary
  • You can contract support for help via email
  • Begin at

Picking up a new patient referral should never be overly difficult.  For instance, the Navihealth Quick Case portal allows you to get your referral the easy way:  ONLINE.  In order to begin, you’ll need to enter your referral code in the first field.  Once you’ve entered the referral code, go ahead and type in your PIN code (or type in the PIN code first if you really feel like mixing things up!).  Once you’ve entered both of the required codes, you’ll need to check a box to agree to the Terms & Conditions before getting your referral at

A Little Bit About Navihealth

  • Helps providers customize patient-specific care plans (how convenient is that??)
  • The company works with health plans, hospitals, and post-acute providers
  • Coordinates care in both the acute and post-acute environment
  • Offers data analytics to help make works flows more efficient (thank you!)
  • The company has been working the healthcare transition field for over 19 years

By the way, both your referral code and PIN code should be located on the fax you received.  If you are missing this information you may want to try sending an email over to

We should point out that you won’t be asked for any billing information when using the Navihealth Quick Case system as it’s FREE!  However, you may need to provide your name and email address so the referrer can log the event.  Finally, if your having issues with the system trying clicking the Browser Compatibility Check link at the bottom of the page to make sure your using a compatible web browser.

Navihealth Headquarters Address

  • 210 Westwood Place, Suite 400
  • Brentwood, TN 37027


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