Next Loves to Listen Survey:  Find Out How to Enter

  • The survey requires a Next store location to begin
  • Customers earn entry to a draw after finishing the survey
  • A copy of the prize draw’s Privacy Policy is available

Most shoppers don’t mind helping a store improve its business by answering a few simple questions.  While such an act may seem noble, there can often be an incentive involved.  For instance, customers who provide a few opinions to Next will be given the opportunity to win a whopping £200!  In order to receive a chance to win, customers must first complete the Next Loves to Listen online survey.  Customers can initiate the survey by first confirming a store location.  This can be done by selecting a store shown on the map or by entering a town or postcode.


A Pause to Look at the Next Loves to Listen Survey Prize Draw

  • The draw runs every 3 months and ends on the last day of the third month
  • There will be one £200 prize available in each draw (go out and win it!)
  • The draw winner will receive the £200 prize in the form of a cheque
  • Winners will receive their cheque within 6 weeks of prize acceptance
  • Each winner will receive notice via email within 10 days of the draw

Once the customer confirms the store location they can proceed with answering the questions.  While the survey is certainly brief, it stands to reason that some participants may be pressed for time.  Those who are can take a glance at the progress bar located at the bottom of the survey to find out how much longer it will take.


Entering the Next Loves to Listen Survey Prize Draw by Mail

  • First, participants must write a name, phone number, address, and email address on paper
  • Secondly, paper must include “please enter me in the customer satisfaction survey prize draw”
  • Lastly, participants will need to mail the mail entry request directly to the Sponsor (see below)

Finally, it should be noted that each survey completion and each mail request is good for one entry to the prize draw.  In either case, the entry must be received prior to the close of the eligible draw.  By the way, participants can review the prize draw’s complete set of rules by clicking the link located at the bottom of the survey.


Next Loves to Listen Survey Sponsor

  • ABA Market Research Limited
  • Hart House, 6 London Rd.
  • Saint Albans AL1 1NG


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