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Checking the Balance of Your Omni Card

  • Customers must enter a card number and CVV to begin
  • Omni Card provides over the phone customer support
  • Customers can also register an account or activate a card


One of the most important things a cardholder can know about their rewards card is how much spending power is left on it.  Therefore, the issuing company must always have a quick and easy balance check process in place.  In the case of the Omni Card, quick and easy may be an understatement.  Cardholders can begin by going to the Omni Card Cards Balance portal.  Next, a card number and CVV can be entered.  Once the cardholder has entered both pieces of information they can proceed by clicking the Continue button (it really is that easy).  By the way, cardholders who aren’t exactly sure what a CVV is should click the ? icon.  After clicking, the portal will provide a sample image that shows exactly where the CVV is located (similar to the sample image available for Wendy’s gift cards).

Other Options at the Omni Card Cards Balance Portal

  • Card Activation – Cardholders must enter the same information used to check a balance
  • Registration – The card must be registered in order to be eligible for online purchases
  • PIN Change – Cardholders can initiate a change by entering the existing 4 digit PIN
  • Language – The portal provides cardholders the ability to switch from English to French

In addition to the previously listed options, the portal also provides Omni Card support contact information.  Cardholders who need assistance can dial 877-357-4975 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  On the other hand, business representatives wish to make an order can dial 866-353-4877 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM ET Monday through Friday.  Lastly, Omni Card receives mail inquiries at its offices in Pittsburgh, PA.

Omni Card Mailing Address

  • Foster Plaza 10, Suite 430
  • 680 Andersen Drive
  • Pittsburgh, PA 15220


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